Cosplay Corner — Asuka Langley Soryu (Arisa Mizuhara)

Arisa Mizuhara is hon­est­ly one of my favorite Japan­ese cos­play­ers. Along with her absolute­ly adorable appear­ance, she has real­ly high qual­i­ty cos­tumes (I believe she makes them her­self :P) that make her look absolute­ly kick­ass dur­ing the final prod­uct. Her male cos­play is great too, even bet­ter com­pared to real male cos­play (er, no offense to all you angry male cos­play­ers out there! ^^;;).

She always man­ages to bring out the essence of the char­ac­ters she cos­plays as in an very excel­lent way, and that’s the very rea­son why I just adore see­ing any cos­play pic­tures of her com­pared to any­thing else that peo­ple take! Her site can be found here. Now, let’s take a look at one of her cos­plays as Asu­ka from Neon Gen­e­sis Evan­ge­lion.

Cos­tume Qual­i­ty: 4/5

The most impor­tant thing about cos­play is mak­ing sure your cos­tumes don’t look like they’re falling apart (like some of those rare occa­sions when you come across a per­son com­plain­ing about their cheap­ly-made cos­tumes dying out on them at AX. Put some effort into it, man!). Luck­i­ly, I see none of those flaws in this picture.

Of course, a sim­ple design comes out with sim­ple results.

Hair Col­or: 5/5

Obvi­ous­ly, if your nat­ur­al hair col­or does­n’t match with the char­ac­ter you’re por­tray­ing, you’ll have to find some way to match their [crazy] hair col­ors. Get­ting cheap-look­ing wigs and stick­ing them on your head nev­er looks good.

Our beau­ti­ful cos­play-idol here dyed her hair with a nice, nat­ur­al-look­ing col­or that does­n’t give you the same “/facepalm at the point­less attempt at bleach­ing your hair and then adding a rain­bow of fail-look­ing col­ors”-feel­ing. Dress­ing up as a char­ac­ter with fair­ly nat­ur­al-look­ing hair that match­es your facial struc­ture is always a good thing.

Char­ac­ter Accu­ra­cy: 5/5

Hon­est­ly, look­ing at her from head to toe (aside from get­ting teh 00ber b0nerz), I’d call her her the “IRL!Asuka Lan­g­ley Soryu”. Her cos­tume is 100% accu­rate to the actu­al char­ac­ters’ out­fit, she even has the A10 nerve clips on her head!

I swear, her body struc­ture is exact­ly the same as Asuka.

(Yeah, I real­ize that the hair col­or does­n’t seem to match with the pic­ture of Asu­ka that I post­ed above, how­ev­er, it’s faith­ful to the actu­al col­or palette in the anime).

Final Score: 4/5/4.5

Arisa Mizuhara is awe­some. Is that her pre­tend­ing to be Asu­ka pre­tend­ing to be Haruhi? 😀 Epix­awe­somewinage. My shou­ta-part­ner Steven Lex is prob­a­bly fap­ping so hard right now. :s Ah, poor lil’ guy will suf­fer because of this new feature.

Now, excuse me while I go take a cof­fee break.

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  1. Hey hey hey, I have a copy­right on that cof­fee break line. Also, as for the fap­ping com­ment, tits or gtfo.

  2. Let’s give Arisa Mizuhara a gift for her birth­day (^_^)

    Video Clip Hap­py Birth­day to God­dess Arisa Mizuhara ver­sion 2008: 

    Thanks for watch­ing! (^_^) I hope you like it (^_^)

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