Eve no Jikan Act 02

After watch­ing the sec­ond install­ment, it’s come to my con­clu­sion that this lit­tle ONA series will prob­a­bly become very mem­o­rable to me because of it’s excel­lent exe­cu­tion of a theme that’s already been done before.

Act 02 brings in a very per­plex ele­ment to the sto­ry which fur­ther adds to the dif­fi­cul­ties in dif­fer­en­ti­at­ing a human from a machine — that door that locks itself for a cer­tain amount of time after being opened, giv­ing the cus­tomers enough time to get a good dis­tance away from the café, avoid­ing any fol­low­ers that would spot the “rings” above their heads or lack there­of. None of the char­ac­ters could real­ly know who real­ly is what unless they hap­pen to come across them in the out­side world or out­right state his/her “social label” inside the café (which would be break­ing the impor­tant gold­en rule in the café to begin with). 

This episode also implies that it isn’t the café that gives the androids the emo­tion­al char­ac­ter­is­tics of humans (it cer­tain­ly gives them the abil­i­ty to get rid of those head-rings, though!) — it’s the fact that in the out­side world, they are bound to the basic rules of being an android laid out upon them, yet in the café, they are free of these rules and act the way they tru­ly are. I believed this to be the case, see­ing as “Sam­my” def­i­nite­ly had a mind of her own out­side of the café with both her speech (as monot­o­ne as they may have been) and her actions (lying to master).

Ah, delv­ing into the artis­tic sto­ry­telling of an ani­mat­ed series could be tire­some some­times, but it beats lying around doing home­work all day. Eve no Jikan makes me want to go out and befriend those bul­lied kids that bad­ly need some­one to talk to. 

Are you enjoy­ing the time of EVE?


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