CLAMP: Knife in one hand, condom in the other

This is such a sweet image *raises fist*

CLAMP, I’m tsun­dere~ for you.

ツンツン (tsuntsun): TRC Chapitre 207–212


The recent chap­ters of Tsub­asa are filled with so many plot rev­e­la­tions, I feel like they’re all stream­ing through my head all-too-quick­ly. This series being full of time para­dox­es caus­ing the log­ic of the mul­ti-uni­verse to fall apart? Check. The Acid Rain Tokyo world and Clow Coun­try actu­al­ly being the same dimen­sion, only in dif­fer­ent time points? Check. Kyle’s exis­tence mere­ly being sword fod­der? Check. Clone!Syaoran devel­oped a heart all along? Check.

What sucks is that CLAMP kills off our lov­able, orig­i­nal pro­tag­o­nist RIGHT WHEN HE COMES BACK TO US. Sure, he seemed like like he did­n’t feel any phys­i­cal pain like he did when he was a mind­less killing-machine. Sure, he had that same blank, emo­tion­less expres­sion on his face up until his death. But, as Fay put it, “It would’ve been much bet­ter if you had came back home with us”. He nev­er got to hear Saku­ra say those oh-so spe­cial words, “I love you”. It’s all too trag­ic. I lit­er­al­ly broke into tears when he was apol­o­giz­ing to all of his for­mer trav­el­ing com­pan­ions, even apol­o­giz­ing to “Syao­ran” (CLAMP even teas­es us with a col­ored pic­ture of what it would have been like if they actul­ly got the chance to become friends!).

The first half of the sto­ry, we’ve been fol­low­ing him. See­ing his devo­tion to Saku­ra; his gen­uine love for her and his deter­mi­na­tion to get back her mem­o­ries. But, we’ll nev­er get to see him end that jour­ney. That is, unless his soul still some­how man­aged to survive…

At that moment, I want­ed to invade the lit­tle stu­dio that the CLAMP ladies dwell in and assas­si­nate them as if I was a nin­ja killing off all the roy­al women, like the angry fan­boy I am.

デレデレ (deredere): KOBATO GETS AN ANIME


BUT THEN CLAMP WENT LOLLOLMOODCHANGE ON ME. I jizzed in my pants. Koba­to, one of the cutest man­ga I’ve ever read, is being adapt­ed into an ani­me that will be part of the autumn line­up this year.

And to think that I thought Koba­to’s brief appear­ance in MAD­HOUSE­’s CLAMP in Won­der­land 2 was just a tease. OH, HAPPY DAY!

5 thoughts on “CLAMP: Knife in one hand, condom in the other

  1. CLAMP, CLAMP, what more can say about them!?
    Used to be a real­ly big fan of Tsub­asa and xxxHOLiC but damn, the recent ones have left me in despair for var­i­ous reasons.

  2. I don’t think that’s true
    In the end The orig­i­nal saku­ra and the orig­i­nal syao­ran are reborn, but not the nor­mal type. They still have all their mem­o­ries of what hap­pened. So i think you’re being unfair to CLAMP, say­ing you want to kill them and stuff when you haven’t even fin­ished the whole sto­ry. =__=

    But I agree with you on Koba­to though. It was a real­ly cute ani­me, hilar­i­ous and sad.

  3. lol, look at the date of the post, Michelle. xD Some­one already spoiled some Syao­ran and Saku­ra stuff for me, but I avoid­ed read­ing ALL of your com­ment. lol MY EYES. D:

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