Mei-chan no Shitsuji 01

Is that a pedo we see?

This is the first “girly” Japan­ese Dra­ma I’ve watched since the begin­ning of 2009, to be hon­est (most of time, I’ve been immersed in the more srs dra­ma and those Korean/Taiwanese ones). I decid­ed to watch this one because I heard it was one of the fun­nier ones this year.

I laughed in a dif­fer­ent way.

This show takes the con­cept of the word “but­ler” and throws it into exag­ger­at­ed and unre­al­is­tic pro­por­tions. Now, that’s under­stand­able since it was based off an insane shōjo man­ga to begin with. But when you have a lit­er­al­ly INVINCIBLE, YOUNG, and HANDSOME but­ler, you’re going to have a lit­er­al rich bitch (that rhymed!) as a master.

I swear, I could­n’t go 5 sec­onds into this dra­ma with­out wish­ing raep on any of the female char­ac­ters, save for the main char­ac­ter Mei-chan (who looks REALLY cute with­out glass­es, sor­ry CCY =P), her friends, and the loli (I don’t raep loli, I ram them down with cars). They were all BITCHES. I want­ed to shove a knife up all their asses.

Of course, this one in par­tic­u­lar, as a pur­ty-boy Asian myself, I would be proud to bang with­out love. No srs-like here. =P Well, I want­ed to shove SOMETHING up her ass…

Now, what made me laugh was when the guy that Takeru Satō played (whose name is on the tip of my tongue [iron­i­cal­ly, he might become one of my favorite char­ac­ters]) threw that rot­ten fruit at one of those “untouch­able” bitches.

FRIGGINGAR. About time some­one did the clos­est thing to actu­al­ly slap­ping one of those snob­by rich girls. And it was a man! We’ll show you some wom­en’s rights, you rich snobs! 

I’m root­ing for Takeru+Mei. Hiro Mizushi­ma’s char­ac­ter (Rihi­to) is WAY too annoy­ing­ly per­fect. Not to men­tion, I hate the way he treats Takeru’s char­ac­ter like crap.

Speak­ing of Takeru and Hiro, I could­n’t go through the whole episode with­out expect­ing them to yell out “HENSHIN!”.

… If you know what I mean.

10 thoughts on “Mei-chan no Shitsuji 01

  1. lol­steven. Always with the racist com­ments towards our kind. 8D Even towards the ones that look noth­ing alike! LOL

    Dude, Hiro is the least Asian-look­ing out of all of them. How does he fit in with the green ones?! The only thing sim­i­lar is that they’re doing a hard­core seduc­tion face that I usu­al­ly do. 8D
    wut would I do w/o you. T_T

  3. Yeah, the green are pret­ty much for the face. You do that over here and you’re gay. Do it over there and you’re cool. We should dri­ve up to San Fran­sis­co and start ship­ping them across the ocean, so they can be cool instead of gay.

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