Shin Megami Tensei : Imagine — First Thoughts


When I was a kid, one of the first games to scare me shit­less was Per­sona 2. I swear, that Jok­er is NOT nice man, and I’m not talk­ing about the pan­sy with make-up that likes to screw with Gotham City. When I heard that there was going to be an MMORPG with­in the Mega­mi Ten­sei uni­verse, I knew that it was time for me to get back into the free online gam­ing scene. The only draw­back I could see was the cash item sys­tem, but we’ll get back to that lat­er on when I start feel­ing the effects of being a high lev­el with­out a wallet.

Shin Megami Tensei : Imagine Character Select

Sad­ly, this was as close as I could get to mak­ing my char­ac­ter look male.

The game start­ed off with a awe­some look­ing cut-scene where I’m fed a futur­is­tic look­ing trans­mis­sion of the cur­rent SITREP. Appar­ent­ly, Home II (some kind of under­ground com­mu­ni­ty, my guess is that nuclear fall­out has made the sur­face unpleas­ant) has been hav­ing mys­te­ri­ous prob­lems which always means mon­sters and every­body being dead. I’m sent there with my instruc­tor to kick some ass. This game is sto­ry-dri­ven and split into episodes, this one being titled “Episode 0 : The Sin of Weak­ness.” Armed with a machete, I’m thrown into com­bat when the ele­va­tor is found to not be func­tion­ing. I’m basi­cal­ly sent into hell while my instruc­tor dicks around while yelling at the inter­com telling me what to do. Jackass.


If you squint real hard, she’s say­ing “Where should we start?” I thought SHE was the fuck­ing instructor.

I’m quick­ly treat­ed to a sat­is­fy­ing com­bat sys­tem, that feels awful­ly famil­iar. You press attack for each strike, 3 hits knock the ene­my back, use either block or counter, rinse and repeat. If any of you have played Mabino­gi before, IT’S THE SAME CONCEPT. Wow, what the hell. I think a game is com­plete­ly unique in com­bat sys­tem, and now I find anoth­er game with the exact same con­cept. I would be pissed, but I love Per­sona, so I trudge on after dis­patch­ing some cliched slime mon­sters. At this point Miko­to sends me an IM, and I min­i­mize the game to reply. To my hor­ror, the game crash­es. What the fuck is up with that, the game crash­es if you alt+tab the son of a bitch. Les­son learned, I put my Away Mes­sage up and reload the game. Stu­pid tech­ni­cal dif­fi­cul­ties, I bet the game can’t mul­ti-thread either.

LOLCLICHESITUATIONWhat did you think hap­pened? Every­body just dropped dead?

I now find myself endur­ing the patch load­ing bar again. Wait, that’s no patch. A good chunk of the game files are tem­po­rary files! Isn’t that a dick, each time you play the game you have to re-patch appar­ent­ly. It might also be a file val­i­da­tion, but either way, it’s a mild pain some­where around the ass. Upon log­ging in and bust­ing up some more demons I fight my way to a switch that opens a locked the door. I back­track to said locked door and find…MY INSTRUCTOR AND HER DEMON THERE?! Wow, thanks a lot McAss­hole. You decid­ed to let me go KILL EVERYTHING AND OPEN THE ANNOYING ASS DOOR SO YOU COULD JUST COME IN AFTER IT’S ALL DONE?!


Was­n’t that kind of her to come in at the last sec­ond. We go through the door and encounter an enor­mous demon that looks some kind of fucked up ver­sion of Shi­va. I’m treat­ed to a cut-scene where the cam­era gives us close-ups of the ugly freak and then zooms out and gives us anoth­er close-up. Recy­cling ani­ma­tion at its great­est. My instruc­tor just kind of stands there shoot­ing at it with her rifle as if it’s going to help. The ugly freak of nature then turns to me and charges at me. The obvi­ous hap­pens, and my instruc­tor dives in front of the mon­ster and it kills her. She screams RUN, the screen fades to black, and I wake up some­where else some­how sur­viv­ing it all this. To make mat­ters worse, the man that I wake up to looks like he prob­a­bly raped me some­time dur­ing my recovery.

RAEP OR RAEPThere is no right choice here.

But wait, it gets worse. This Snake­man (who reminds me of Naked Snake after his eye gets shot out) decides to put me through the tuto­r­i­al AGAIN. This time in a vir­tu­al box of a room, where the mon­sters don’t even fight back! The begin­ning of the game was hard­er, when the mon­sters would hit you back if you stay still after swing­ing! This is abosolute bull­shit, he says the exact same things are the instruc­tor, with the only new advice being how to add points to your attrib­ut­es. Gee thanks bud­dy, I need­ed help with that one.

TL;DR Ver­sion : Com­bat is extreme­ly sim­i­lar to Mabino­gi. Tuto­r­i­al is use­ful the first time around, not so much the sec­ond time around. Snake­man looks like he raped me.

REFERENCESThis was the high­light of the game for me. Nos­tal­gia makes me gig­gle like a schoolgirl.

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  1. I don’t have much time to play, but I’ll def­i­nite­ly join dur­ing the sum­mer when all I have to do is rot in front my com­put­er screen anyways.

  2. Haha sure no prob­lem, I’m sure I’ll still be play­ing it (along with Pangya prob­a­bly). Just stop by my game blog and give me a holler since I post about it fair­ly often. 🙂

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