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The wait for more Lord Haruhi brings along quite a hand­ful of pain towards my faith in Haru-ism, but it’s real­ly just a minor prob­lem when Kyoto Ani­ma­tion keeps on churn­ing out more and more win series to calm my patience down (No, Munto does­n’t count). As a slice-of-life fan, I just can’t get enough of Kyoto Ani­ma­tion mak­ing these com­e­dy series with char­ac­ters doing things that are just win. Of course, with K‑ON!, my cohort Steven got an impres­sion that it was the bas­tard child of Haruhi + Lucky Star, yet good enough to stand out by itself as anoth­er one of Kyoto ANi­ma­tion’s bril­liant adap­ta­tions. The results? Absolute­ly fantastic!

<3 Yui.

And I also applaud them for pro­duc­ing an ani­me which has inspired a new, cre­ative name for the blog, Keion­gaku ♪ 軽 ♪ 音 ♪ 楽 ♪. Seri­ous­ly, The Otaku Spot was a lame name.


Kyoto Ani­ma­tion con­tin­ues it’s tra­di­tion of insert­ing a char­ac­ter at a far dis­tance to leave room for all their pret­ty back­ground scenery. While this scene of Yui pet­ting a cat amongst a very detailed bridge may be quite point­less to some, it’s still very nice to stare at.

Not to men­tion cute.

KyoAni’s ani­ma­tion meth­ods are strange, yet very effective!

Steven’s Com­ment : This screen­shot was a cool one to take. I laughed when I first saw the split sec­ond still, but I did­n’t notice the detail in it until paus­ing for the screen­shot on my sec­ond pass through the episode.


I’m real­ly lik­ing Yui’s char­ac­ter. She’s strange­ly sim­i­lar to my cohort and I. She has trou­ble get­ting up in the mourn­ing, and when we have no plans, we just stum­ble around doing noth­ing in our homes (because our oh-so-nice friends keep on can­cel­ing on us when we actu­al­ly do make plans), but we’re not that clum­sy. 😛 It’s real­ly god damn cute, though.

Steven’s Com­ment : At least we have each oth­er. Wait no, you’re always too busy ‘pluck­ing your strings,’ but at least that gives me more time to ‘beat the drums.’


Now, now, let’s be mature, folks. Let’s not make any inap­pro­pri­ate loli jokes.

Steven’s Com­ment : Too late, I sent you the file as ‘non­sex­u­al haruhi [cropped] [resized]’


Yui + Cas­tanets is the new Tsukasa + Cell­phone. SHE’S DOING IT WRONG, BUT WHO CARES? IT’S CUTE.

Steven’s Com­ment : I took about 6 screen­shots of this scene, try­ing to fig­ure out which one was cuter. I decid­ed to pick ran­dom­ly, it was too dif­fi­cult to decide. I have to say though, I was hop­ing for her to play the cas­tanets in front of the club or some­thing before decid­ing to play guitar.


A char­ac­ter named Mio and a Ju-on-like ghost appear­ing in the mid­dle of the episode, peek­ing out­side an emp­ty hall­way door. First thought: “OMFG, Fatal Frame”.

Steven’s Com­ment : Call­ing me at 10:42 at night to remind me of the scene  while I was try­ing to sleep was not cool, I’m a pussy in the dark.

srsly-cropped-resizedThese innu­en­dos weren’t inten­tion­al, I swear.

Steven’s Com­ment : I saw that line com­ing, but it was still fun­ny. How­ev­er, I did­n’t notice the sex­u­al innu­en­do until just right now.


Final thoughts: This ani­me seems like it has great poten­tial to move up the totem pole in my list of favorites (what a weird metaphor, 11:56 PM blog­ging…). First episode, I ALREADY like the char­ac­ters, espe­cial­ly Yui (the cutest char­ac­ter out of the whole bunch EVER). The ani­ma­tion is typ­i­cal KyoAni high-qual­i­ty stuff and the voice actors fit their roles amaz­ing­ly. The open­ing and end­ing themes are fan­tas­tic too. It’s not iron­ic that a music-themed ani­me would try to top itself off with great music, no? I mean, damn, 「Dont say lazy」 has off­i­cal­ly become one of my most favorite ani­me themes of all time.

Steven’s Final Thoughts : There’s some­thing you need to under­stand before I start here. My library of ani­me is pret­ty grim. Well, not too grim, I can’t stand Hig­urashi, but more along the lines of FMA and Samu­rai Cham­ploo. And well, this show…I fuck­ing loved it. I fell in love with the char­ac­ters imme­di­ate­ly, from when  Yui strug­gled for her alarm clock as I usu­al­ly do, to when Rit­su tore up Mio’s lit­er­a­ture club appli­ca­tion. The ani­ma­tion is gor­geous, and I’m excit­ed to see more episodes released in wide-screen. I’m a qual­i­ty whore, I’m sor­ry. I was sur­prised when I liked Lucky Star, and I was sur­prised when I liked this. John­ny thought I would­n’t like it, I agreed, we were wrong. On an unre­lat­ed note, who the hell owns a totem pole to put their ani­mes on, metaphor or not?

5 thoughts on “K‑ON! — 01

  1. To me, the most impres­sive thing about this show is the music itself. The ED, com­pli­ment­ed by the ani­ma­tion for it, can eas­i­ly be made into a music video itself. I like its style — 5eps in and I’ve nev­er skipped the OP/ED.

  2. Yeah, I found it only fit­ting that this ani­me had a nice focus on music. I’m 6 episodes in, but Mr. Pro­cras­ti­nat­ing “Over­lord” over there is watch­ing episode 2 right now.

    This is the first ani­me where I WANTED to watch the OP and ED, nor­mal­ly I would skip the open­ing, and for the end­ing I would skip to the pre­view and watch that.

  3. @Steven Le: That’s because K‑ON! is a show that deserves to be watched in widescreen, like many of the oth­er shows I watch. 😛 I’d rather not watch it with the fullscreen that comes with the first broadcast. 

    Also, I’m no longer on episode two, lawd.

  4. Bah, I have it on widescreen, but you said we should catch up, so I down­load the crap SD junk, and after I’m caught up you decide I was right and we should be patient and watch it in HD!

    Oh well, I was plan­ning on rewatch­ing 4–6 on widescreen anyways.

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