[J‑Pop] Tales of Vesperia Opening — English/Japanese Remix

Rita Mordio

Oh god, I win at life.

Thanks to Bon­nie Pink putting “Ring a Bell” in both Eng­lish and Japan­ese (“Kane wo Narashite”), Tales of Ves­pe­ria has become the first Tales game in which the local­iza­tion basi­cal­ly uses the same open­ing song as the Japan­ese ver­sion… with lyrics (I’m look­ing at you, Tales of The Abyss and your epic, but unnec­es­sary, gui­tar mix for Kar­ma).

Get­ting to the point, song’s awe­some. I remixed both ver­sions of the songs and made an entire­ly new ver­sion I’d like to call, “BELL wo Narashite”. Sub­ti­tles, cour­tesy of me. Enjoy.

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  1. @Aorii & Hiro­bot: Wow, sev­er­al months late. You’re wel­come, glad you enjoyed it! xD

    Stu­pid infant baby shoes. ;;

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