Onani Master Kurosawa


It’s a man­ga about jack­ing off in the girls’ bathroom. 

… Is what my words would have been if I was a closed-mind­ed idiot who did­n’t both­er to give this awe­some series the chance it deserved due to see­ing a few Death Note-like scans of a dude beat­ing his meat furi­ous­ly in the toi­let. As it turns out, after jump­ing into this sto­ry with the thought of, “Oh, this is going to be a strange expe­ri­ence”, I came out real­iz­ing that I had just read a fair­ly emo­tion­al sto­ry with a lov­able cast of char­ac­ters you can eas­i­ly relate to and con­nect with, espe­cial­ly the main protagonist.

Oh, I know what you’re think­ing. “Miko­to, you ****** per­vert, you jack off in the girls’ bath­room”? Unfor­tu­nate­ly, no. 

This series is dif­fer­ent from what you expect at first glance. And no, it’s not hentai.


Basi­cal­ly, our pro­tag­o­nist is an anti-social, cyn­cial guy named Kakeru Kuro­sawa whose “dai­ly rit­u­al” is to mas­tur­bate in a stall with­in a nor­mal­ly-emp­ty female restroom, think­ing about his female class­mates, which they obvi­ous­ly don’t know about. But that rather dis­gust­ing char­ac­ter descrip­tion does­n’t fit him for long, as this is a sto­ry of his com­ing-of-age (lol… com­ing, get it?! I’m so fun­ny!) as he learns the val­ue of friend­ship, the feel­ings of being social­ly shunned by his peers, and learn­ing how to move for­ward with­out any regrets and repent­ing for his mis­deeds. He grad­u­al­ly changes into a more lik­able char­ac­ter, even though he resem­bles Light Yaga­mi from Death Note fame dur­ing the begin­ning parts of this man­ga, with the way he threw down his jus­tice, the Onani Mas­ter-style. How­ev­er, the way I see it, in the end they’re both very dif­fer­ent. Light met his end, while Kuro­sawa found his light of hope and gets a bet­ter moral out­look. What’s amaz­ing is that the author writes his char­ac­ter devel­op­ment in a very real­is­tic and believ­able way. Many high school and mid­dle school kids might under­stand his train of thought, though hope­ful­ly they don’t relieve them­selves in the girls’ toi­let stalls.

“I will take this hard object… and stroke it!”

I admit, I expect­ed that the sto­ry would chron­i­cle every “vic­tim” Kuro­sawa deals his spe­cial jus­tice to and their crimes, but after the first few chap­ters, it became clear that this is a…unique and legit­i­mate­ly good sto­ry of its own rather than a strange Death Note par­o­dy. I’m not going to spoil any­thing to any of my clue­less read­ers out there with some long-wind­ed plot sum­ma­ry, so you all should just check it out your­selves for the full emo­tion­al impact this man­ga gives you. It will lit­er­al­ly put you to tears, make you smile, and give you a sense of hope as you dive into this artis­tic sto­ry. My advice is to jump in with­out any closed-mind­ed thoughts about the premise and just let it all flow through nat­u­ral­ly. It’s very mov­ing… because in the end, you devel­op a close con­nec­tion to the char­ac­ters and you’ll feel sad that you have to see them go.

<p align=“center”?perfect couple not meant to be
Dammit man, I want­ed Kuro­sawa to get with her at the end, but I guess it was too good to be true. T_T

hare hare yukai
Eas­i­ly one of the best char­ac­ters in the manga.

“Why, yes. Yes, I agree.”

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