Sundome (すんドめ)

Very roman­tic, but not safe for work.

I picked up this man­ga think­ing it was going to be your typ­i­cal high school ecchi. How­ev­er, to my sur­prise, it wasn’t.

Mean­ing “stop­ping the moment before”, Sun­dome is about the “give-and-take” rela­tion­ship between Hideo Aiba and Kuru­mi Sahana, in which Hideo does ran­dom errands for Kuru­mi Sahana in return for “rewards” (you know what I’m talk­ing about). How­ev­er, he is not allowed to ejac­u­late unless giv­en per­mis­sion by Kuru­mi, tor­tur­ing him by teas­ing him to his lim­its. Can any­one say, “blue balls?”

Future cuck­old? You decide.

Sounds gross, huh? Well, behind the sex­u­al, masochis­tic-sound­ing plot, the man­ga man­ages to pull off pret­ty good char­ac­ter devel­op­ment, espe­cial­ly with Hideo Aiba. Hideo is part of a club called the Roman club, which focus­es on the super­nat­ur­al and mys­tery sto­ries, that Kuru­mi even­tu­al­ly joins in. There is one catch, mem­bers must remain vir­gins until their grad­u­a­tion to receive finan­cial aid for their future ambitions.

I believe in sav­ing your vir­gin­i­ty for the one per­son you tru­ly love, with no strings attached, but that’s just me.

At first, Hideo’s sub­mis­sive­ness and con­stant jeal­ousy can be depress­ing, espe­cial­ly to a lot of guys who are gen­er­al­ly shy and with­drawn dur­ing their high school years, but the fact that Kuru­mi seems to do the things she does to him out of gen­uine affec­tion and to shape him into a bet­ter per­son is pret­ty heart­warm­ing. Some unre­vealed aspects, up to what I’ve read, has kept me intrigued to who she real­ly is and why she’s joined the Roman club. At first, Hideo’s “love” for her seems pure­ly sex­u­al, but it’s clear that unlike oth­er guys, he only has eyes for her. Oth­er side char­ac­ters, such as the “fish-faced” Kattsun, the “cow­ard­ly” Tatuya with the leg fetish, the ex-pres­i­dent with his… er, but­t­hole fetish, and the dense Kyouko, are pret­ty fun to watch when they’re up to their antics with the two main char­ac­ters. Kyouko and Kattsun, in par­tic­u­lar, also had very good char­ac­ter devel­op­ment along­side the main char­ac­ters, while Tat­suya and the ex-pres­i­dent seem like pure, per­vert­ed com­ic relief.

Hey, this man­ga can actu­al­ly be cute sometimes!

Being an erot­i­ca man­ga, expect fetish­es and “seen, yet unseen” sex­u­al scenes to be abound. Unlike oth­er “ecchi” man­ga, though, I feel like the com­e­dy adds to the sex­u­al con­tent rather than the sex­u­al con­tent adding to the com­e­dy. Actu­al­ly, scratch that, they seem to com­ple­ment each oth­er in var­i­ous ways that won’t make this sto­ry seem “sil­ly” like all of those ridicu­lous harem/ecchi ani­me you guys have prob­a­bly seen, which I think is what makes this man­ga seem that much better.


Pret­ty much an unex­pect­ed good read like Onani Mas­ter Kuro­sawa, being the sex­u­al tale that it is. Can’t wait to read future chapters.

(P.S. I will buy Yen Press’s trans­la­tion of the Haruhi nov­els, as well as NIS’s dub of Torado­ra and Per­sona ‑trin­i­ty soul-, dood. Fawk yea!)

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