Kobato ♥ anime (first impressions) eps 01 — 02


Despite my being gid­dy over the ani­me adap­ta­tion com­ing out when it was first revealed months ago, I nev­er actu­al­ly got around to watch­ing it because I for­got about it being made (T_T). I was­n’t pay­ing atten­tion to CLAMP in gen­er­al towards the end of 2009 and the begin­ning of 2010, and frankly, I should stab myself for it.

Now that I have got­ten around to watch­ing, I must say, I’m impressed with what MADHOUSE has done with it. They’ve met my expec­ta­tions and have earned more respect from me, on top of my already-high respect for them.

The ani­ma­tion is very flu­id and the char­ac­ter designs stay true to CLAM­P’s orig­i­nal art­work (unlike some of the /headdesk designs of the ear­ly ×××Holic ani­me, which were good but made the char­ac­ters’ limbs way too long). One thing I liked was the way MADHOUSE did the exag­ger­at­ed man­ga-style expres­sions, they looked so cute and seemed like they came out right from the man­ga, much like the man­ga-like expres­sions in the sec­ond Full­met­al Alchemist ani­me. At the same time, I got a Card­cap­tor Saku­ra vibe, most­ly because MADHOUSE has done Card­cap­tor Saku­ra before and this is one of CLAM­P’s more fluffi­er titles (which means a big mood depar­ture from the recent ×××Holic and Tsub­asa ‑RESER­Voir CHRoN­i­CLE-). Not to men­tion, Koba­to was always very sim­i­lar to Saku­ra in many ways. Most­ly the cuteness.

The open­ing done by Maaya Sakamo­to was just exquis­ite, as it always is with songs by her. I loved the end­ing theme too, it was oh-so calm­ing to the soul.

Tet­su Inada’s per­for­mance as Ioryo­gi… Sor­ry, but if you cast a char­ac­ter with a seiyuu that did a relat­ed work before, I will usu­al­ly catch it. Could­n’t stop think­ing about Kuro­gane (no, not that one) when­ev­er Ioryo­gi talked. xD I took it in as a mock­ing of Kuro­gane, a cud­dly ani­mal stuffed with fluff sport­ing a huge tem­per (…that was for the fangirls).

Lov­ing the ani­me so far, it’s on par with the man­ga. I’m sure it will keep up the qual­i­ty from what I’ve heard. Dang it, I need to catch up with ×××Holic and Tsub­asa ‑RESER­Voir CHRoN­i­CLE- (I need to see that ending!).

2 thoughts on “Kobato ♥ anime (first impressions) eps 01 — 02

  1. I’m look­ing for­ward to watch­ing it lol. I have it all and just wait­ing for the chance to watch once every­thing calms down. Looks good though. Tsub­asa end­ed but unfor­tu­nate­ly Holic didn’t :(.

  2. @AS: Hehe­heh, that’s good for me. xD I real­ly like ×××Holic a lit­tle more than Tsub­asa. Heard the char­ac­ters of Tsub­asa make a cameo in Koba­to after the end­ing. xD

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