Tales of Symphonia: Tethe’alla Hen (OVA) — 01

Come here… hunny.”

I mean Sheena!
I mean Sheena”!

Zelos is as cool as he was in the game.

I start­ed watch­ing, think­ing, “I’ve been wait­ing 4 years for this. You bet­ter make me hap­py, ToS OVA!” and I was award­ed with this scene. <3

Epic Opening
________________The whole cast with­out the Guest Star Par­ty Mem­ber.

I absolute­ly adore the new open­ing done by Nana Mizu­ki. I’ve already heard Tenkuu Canaria before­hand (a LONG time ago), but hear­ing it along with some­thing Tales-relat­ed was a very, very amaz­ing thing to behold. <3 Won­der if the open­ing from her was to make up for the fact that Colette (voiced by Nana Mizu­ki) was mute for the entire episode? ;D

I liked it how almost every main char­ac­ter had their sto­ry described in the open­ing. Every­thing in the open­ing basi­cal­ly hap­pens in the game. Let’s just see if the open­ing keeps its promise!

Senkuu Shoureppa!
Senkuu Shourep­pa (Vic­to­ry Light Spear)! 

As expect­ed, the ani­ma­tion was VERY top notch. While the Tales of the Abyss ani­me was a more faith­ful adap­ta­tion sto­ry-wise (the game in gen­er­al had a bet­ter sto­ry than ToS), the ToS OVAs make up for it by hav­ing SUPERB ani­ma­tion. Though, being an OVA, that’s kind of expected.

Whoa. What a fab­u­lous Vic­to­ry Light Spear.

Majinken! … Or Demon Fang, if you want.

I believe Zelos wins many epic points for being the sec­ond Tales char­ac­ter to yell out their attack dur­ing the main sto­ry­line of a Tales ani­me (Jade, from Tales of the Abyss, I believe was the first). And how fit­ting! MAJINKEN~!

I don’t want her to use Pow Ham­mer on me. I DON’T. :s

Every­one who has played ToS will under­stand me when I call this depress­ing ver­sion of Colette “:|-chan”. Because “:|-chan” is sur­pris­ing­ly “:|”. Oh Colette, when are you going to come back to us?! You pro­vide us the sound of Nana Mizuk­i’s voice act­ing! Not to men­tion, “:|-chan” scares the crap out of me.

Mr. President
Hay thar, Regal.

I can’t wait to see how they ani­mate Regal’s SHINKU HADDDOUKEEENNNN (or Kame­hame­ha Wave, whatever).

Someone's getting arrested
“She’s so cute!”

I’m sure Pre­sea does­n’t want to be arrest­ed, Genis. Don’t wor­ry. Wait 10 more years or so. You both aren’t get­ting any older.

Actu­al­ly, are there age of con­sent laws in Teth­e’al­la? There sure aren’t any anti-slav­ery laws for Half-Elves >_>

Yeah, tease and tease by show­ing us Pre­seaboo­bies and make us angry about no loli tit­tehs! You make a third of the ani­me com­mu­ni­ty sad, censorship.

They have to be faith­ful to the game, man! The graph­i­cal artists did­n’t draw no Tidus, I mean, tit­tehs for the play­er characters!


True love at long last...
Colette: H‑how could you, Lloyd?!
Lloyd: Shut up woman, you’re dead to me!

That does it. I’m sup­port­ing Lloyd x Altes­sa 100%! Who’s with me?!

No, Lloyd. He did­n’t miss all those chances to stab you because he’s your father. It’s the gener­ic law of ani­me, main char­ac­ters will nev­er die.

Kratos in his Judg­ment cos­tume screams loads of badass. Too bad Zelos stole this episode for me, and not you, the king of JADJIIIIMENTO. Sor­ry, Kratos fans. Hur hur.

Extreme­ly awk­ward close-up, much?

Final­ly, the big bad shows up (in a speak­ing role) after all of this time. Now, why did Yggdrasil have to make it so uncom­fort­able for us? D:

Zelos the Traitor
Zelos… the Traitor?

Speak­ing of Kratos’s (and Yggdrasil’s) entrance in this episode… Even though I real­ly did enjoy the first episode of the sec­ond OVA, there were still a num­ber of prob­lems I had with it. Main­ly the unfaith­ful game to ani­me stuff. It’s only nat­ur­al for me to list them out, right?

  • Regal and Zelos nev­er fight each oth­er in the game, at least, nev­er before Zelos meets Lloyd and the oth­ers. In the RPG, Regal fought Zelos (along with the rest of the par­ty) in the Meltokio sewers.
  • In the game, Lloyd and the oth­ers land on the Foo­ji Moun­tains, not in the mid­dle of Meltokio.
  • At this point, the king of Teth­e’al­la is ill in the game.
  • Sybak is skipped, along with Zelos being brand­ed as a trai­tor to Tethe’alla.
  • Altes­sa refus­es to help Lloyd and the oth­ers, out of guilt for what he did to Pre­sea in the game (he does­n’t help at all in the begin­ning). The whole sit­u­a­tion is basi­cal­ly dif­fer­ent in the anime.
  • Pre­sea lives in her own (dirty) house in the game, not with Altes­sa. We also meet her way back in Meltokio gath­er­ing sacred wood for the Church of Mar­tel, not at Altes­sa’s house.
  • I don’t remem­ber see­ing or hear­ing the android Tabatha in the ani­me, who lives with Altes­sa in the game.
  • Angel Tox­i­co­sis was a name used by Raine to describe Colet­te’s con­di­tion in the game. In the ani­me, they act as if this is the offi­cial name for the “dis­ease”.
  • Lloyd already knows how to make a garbage Key Crest in the game. For­got how he did it in the game. All I remem­ber was that he was spout­ing some RPG mum­bo-jum­bo on how he could make the Key Crest.
  • Zelos and Pre­sea go with Lloyd and the oth­ers to the Toize Val­ley Mine in the game. Regal was also in the par­ty by this point, help­ing the par­ty take down the mine’s secu­ri­ty sys­tems (an event which is skipped entire­ly in the anime).
  • In the RPG, Kratos and Yggdrasil don’t appear in the mines. The whole fight between Kratos and Yggdrasil was actu­al­ly sup­posed to take place all the way back at the end of the first OVA, where Kratos first reveals him­self as a Crux­is Angel.
  • Zelos isn’t revealed to be a “trai­tor” until way lat­er in the game. The ani­me pro­duc­ers basi­cal­ly ruined this plot twist for peo­ple who haven’t played the game.

Those are basi­cal­ly the main dif­fer­ences the first episode of the OVA has to the game. Much like the first OVA, it leaves out a lot of things and changes some thing up. Despite these changes, I’m hop­ing they’ll do plen­ty of stuff right. Name­ly, the sto­ry of Zelos, who is prob­a­bly the deep­est char­ac­ter in the Tales of Sym­pho­nia game. This gives a chance for Kratos fan­boys to see the deep sto­ry that they nev­er both­ered to see because of their obses­sion with play­ing the super­fi­cial badass, who shouts out con­tra­dict­ing bat­tle quotes (and I liked Kratos, don’t get me wrong). They’ve basi­cal­ly been play­ing Zelos up to be one of the best things this OVA has to offer in this episode. I hope they won’t let me down.


Go die.


“You should nev­er have been born.” — Mylene Wilder

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