Tales of Symphonia: Tethe’alla Hen (OVA) – 02

Overdoing things
Won­der how far we’ll go into our strange hob­bies?” — Zelos Wilder.

Jesus, Regal. I know you’ve lost your lover and you’re bound by some real­ly uncom­fort­able hand­cuffs, but don’t you think you’re over­do­ing your online activ­i­ties just a tad?

Badass Showdown
______________________This shot’s not big enough for the both of us.

All I have to say is: damn. This ani­me may be a pret­ty loose adap­ta­tion when it comes to the sto­ry sequence, but when it comes to mak­ing its fans squeal with glee: it deliv­ers. Canon or not, you can­not deny that these Regal vs. Zelos fights (two of the most kick­ass char­ac­ters in the game) are REALLY well-done. This is almost like an apol­o­gy for the ter­ri­ble fight sequences in the Tales of the Abyss ani­me (even though it had an awe­some sto­ry). The time-skips between areas seem a lot more nat­ur­al than the ToA ani­me too.

Sheena: OH HELL-… God­mod­ding noob. 

Stop cheat­ing, Yggdrasil! I won­der how Fron­tier Works and unfotable are going to han­dle Yggdrasil’s Time Stop. I mean, sheesh, why not add Life Bot­tles and Lemon Gum­mies while they’re at it? Plot devices, for the lose. How the hell can they even beat Yggdrasil real­is­ti­cal­ly if he has this ability?

xD Peo­ple that played the game can see that I’m hav­ing a hard time avoid­ing the use of Yggdrasil’s first name. Spoil­ers, for the lose.

More cheating...
Regal: I’ll stock up on items next time ass­hole, just you wait!

I find it hilar­i­ous that that epic, well-ani­mat­ed bat­tle just end­ed when Zelos did a sur­prise Air Thrust (…Air Thrust :|) attack on a dis­tract­ed Regal.

That Air Thrust looked pret­ty damn nice, though. I love this OVA and its bud­get. (Who­ev­er placed their bets on Regal… Sor­ry, hand over that damn cash. D;)

Loving Gaze
Lov­ing Gaze

I’m telling you, guys, this pair­ing is canon! You can feel the hot, burn­ing pas­sion behind Altes­sa’s nonex­is­tent eyes… oh yyyeah

Regal is GAR

Regal drink­ing yel­low wine, wear­ing noth­ing but a speedo.



Genis: Pre­sea sure is good with an axe.
Raine: You seem pret­ty inter­est­ed in her.
Genis: Hells yeah. Pre­sea can chop my wood anytime.
Raine: …#゚Д゚

My groping hand doesn't work!My writ­ing hand does­n’t work! But that’s the hand I use to grope with!

Now imag­ine him after eat­ing Raine’s cook­ing. -shiv­ers-

Man of Steel
Man of Steel

Holy ****. What the hell is Regal made of? You’d think a nor­mal per­son would have died from the first swing of that HUGE axe!

Oh, wait. Shinku Hadouken. Got it.

It’s amus­ing how Zelos lets down his Almighty Cho­sen facade dur­ing moments like this. What a big softy. ;D

Oh god, hawt loli.

One would ques­tion Regal’s chival­ry after see­ing this loli­ta body, along with the way she calls him “Regal-sama ♥”.

Looks like even Regal has his weak­ness­es. lolol 8D Way to make Regal look like a pedo by draw­ing Ali­cia a lit­tle too young, unfotable.

Big Happy Family

Again, faith­ful­ness aside, I like how the ani­me por­trayed the rather emo­tion­al scene between Regal, Pre­sea, and Ali­cia. I actu­al­ly pre­fer this scene over the game ver­sion. As long as the ani­me does these types of impor­tant, emo­tion­al scenes right, I don’t mind its unique spin on things.

Real­ly great episode. The wait for the third episode will be killer, but I will endure.

With Koba­to. 😀

I hope that's not :|-chan. Don't open those eyes!
I hope that’s not “:|-chan”. Don’t open those eyes!

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