Fullmetal Alchemist (manga) 108 — Ending

The End
Keep mov­ing forward.

All good things must come to an en-

Orite… the last episode of the 2009 ani­me has­n’t aired yet. My bad. Spoil­ers ahead.

Greed's sacrifice

Even though I was spoiled about Greed’s death before­hand, I still found it hard to believe he would die. I mean, of course, it’s Full­met­al Alchemist, any­one can die and all… So scratch that, I found it hard to believe that he was­n’t one of the sur­viv­ing homun­culi. Seri­ous­ly, he was one of the only homun­culi that will­ing­ly sided with the humans. One that was obvi­ous­ly a bit greedy, but he was a good guy. He want­ed friends.  I guess he had to be sep­a­rat­ed from Ling Yao in some way. His death makes me sad because 1) he’s a badass and 2) he’s actu­al­ly a good per­son deep down. His last words pulled on my heartstrings.

Greed died like a hero. Arakawa did a great job, once again.

Cute Pride

Though, I don’t mind that Pride was the one that sur­vived. I actu­al­ly don’t think he has any mem­o­ry of being a homuncu­lus, so he could prob­a­bly redeem him­self too. Not to men­tion, Selim seems like a pret­ty damn cute lit­tle kid now. 🙂 *squee*

Ed sac­ri­fic­ing the Gate of Truth to bring back Al = no alter­nate Ger­many = good idea.

Seems like this was the answer that Truth guy was wait­ing for all of this time.

Welcome home

Wel­come home.

My job here is done

My work here is done.

By the way, played RAY OF LIGHT by Shoko Nak­a­gawa (fifth end­ing theme to the 2009 ani­me) dur­ing these two pages and beyond. It fits PERFECTLY. Could total­ly see the ani­me doing this.

I… shed a tear. God damn it.

Good bye Hohenheim

Hohen­heim dies. I kind of expect­ed it at first, but see­ing the whole final bat­tle play out, the gen­er­al mood of the man­ga, and re-estab­lish­ing him­self as a dad to Ed and Al, I was kind of hop­ing Arakawa would spare Hohen­heim and let him live with the broth­ers again.

Of course, he died with a smile, in front of Trisha’s grave. After aveng­ing the souls of Xerx­es and los­ing his immor­tal body, it’s a fit­ting end, so no com­plaints here. Yet again, awe­some writ­ing. Despite this mak­ing me sad (since Hohen­heim was one of my favorite char­ac­ters), it would have been pret­ty cheap to let him live after what he’s been through.


Let’s take a minute to “D’AAAAAAAW” over this scene that almost every FMA fan has been dying to see. Well, unless you’re one of those douchebags that want­ed to see these three have a bad ending.




Now all of you incest and yaoi fanat­ics will shut up now. >_< ↑ /isbeingahypocrite

Elric Family Photo
New Elric Family Photo

These mem­o­ries will last for­ev­er, as we keep mov­ing forward.

I’ll post my final thoughts on the end­ing when the 2009 ani­me ends. FMA isn’t done yet! (;

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