Hagane no Renkinjutsushi: Fullmetal Alchemist (2009) 63

Pet the loli

Edward: Good going, Al. You made the loli cry.

Together at last

It’s obvi­ous that BONES did­n’t direct­ly adapt this from the man­ga and used a script giv­en to them by Arakawa, see­ing as they took some lib­er­ties with this episode. I’m not say­ing it’s a bad thing — the good things out­weigh the bad tremen­dous­ly. I can hon­est­ly say that most of this episode was supe­ri­or to the man­ga version.

Family Reunited

In fact, the only prob­lem I had with this episode was how they removed the touch­ing scene where Sig breaks down in tears after see­ing Alphonse back in his orig­i­nal body, and then crush­ing him in a super awe­some bear hug (lol).

Best Anime Dad In The World

Every­thing else, how­ev­er, pulled on my heart strings. The way BONES focused on Hohen­heim’s death in this episode was far supe­ri­or com­pared to how Arakawa did it. Grant­ed, the scene was touch­ing in the man­ga, but BONES man­aged to pull some tears out of me by giv­ing ol’ Hohen­heim a bit more clo­sure. The added dia­logue between Arm­strong and Hohen­heim was an awe­some way to lead into his death, and Hohen­heim’s last words in front of Trisha’s grave BEFORE his death spiced things up.

Elric Family

And to top it all off, the end­ing sequence gave us a mon­tage of the Elric fam­i­ly’s life (accom­pa­nied with the OP song — Rain by Sid) that made me break into tears. Full­met­al Alchemist real­ly had a great cast of char­ac­ters you could gen­uine­ly care about and con­nect with. I will def­i­nite­ly miss Hohenheim.

Farewell, my friends

Oh yeah, and I’ll miss Greed too. Even Greed died with a smile in the end.

The Journey Continues

FMA’s sto­ry, as a whole, final­ly ends next week. I’ll look for­ward to it, even though it makes me a bit sad. I guess there’s still that PSP game. xD

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