Square Enix’s MMORPG Gets A Release in the USWITHOUT ME NOTICING?!

Characters don't actually look this hot in-game.

So it seems ファンタジーアース ゼロ has now become Fan­ta­sy Earth: Zero! Right under my nose, a few months ago even! Yes, I used a sim­ple lan­guage change as an anal­o­gy to the game being released in America.

I had begun fol­low­ing this game about 2 years ago, back when it was unreach­able by me due to Gamespot Japan IP block­ing all us would-be for­eign play­ers. Dis­cour­aged after an entire YEAR with­out a US release, I had stopped keep­ing track of the game and have now run across it due to me start­ing my year­ly sum­mer MMORPG stint.

The offi­cial release of the game was on May 18th, leav­ing me feel­ing sil­ly for being so late on this. How­ev­er, bet­ter late then nev­er, and I fig­ure I’d ser­vice the read­ers of The Otaku Spot with a review of the game! Join­ing me on this lit­tle adven­ture will be none oth­er than Miko­to, who I haven’t asked yet, but I’m sure he has noth­ing bet­ter to do. No, seriously.

Any­who, before start­ing any MMORPG, I have to do my fair share of research, which I’ll share with you right here.


Fan­ta­sy Earth: Zero seems to be a very PVP-cen­tric game: it’s main sell­ing point is mas­sive 50 on 50 wars. The com­bat itself is very action-ori­ent­ed; there’s no click­ing on ene­my and just wait­ing for them to die. Every blow has to be aimed with the mouse, and I have to admit, the game­play videos gave me a bit of a good laugh. In one of them an archer is strug­gling to fire at a mount­ed ene­my who just rides off at full gal­lop with­out a sin­gle arrow get­ting any­where near him. It does make me won­der how frus­trat­ing the skills in the game are though, one of the skills is a leap­ing attack, but it has a set dis­tance. This means if you don’t aim it per­fect­ly you’ll miss your tar­get com­plete­ly, and it’s not as if there’s some kind of cur­sor to tell you where you’re going to land. Of course, this is what I’m infer­ring from a game­play video where play­ers fran­ti­cal­ly leaped at their foes only to smash into the floor, maybe the skills actu­al­ly do cor­rect for dis­tance if you aim cor­rect­ly and the pub­lish­ers don’t know what the hell they’re doing with their game­play videos.


The graph­ics of the game are…lacking to say the least. It did­n’t live up to expec­ta­tions, espe­cial­ly with the rec­om­mend­ed require­ments being a whop­ping 3GB of RAM if one is using Win­dows Vista or Win­dows 7. This seems to have been an exag­ger­at­ed num­ber pure­ly due to the 50v50 wars and if you look at some screen­shots you’ll slow­ly won­der if the devel­op­ers had any idea what they were doing when com­ing up with the sys­tem requirements.

I know the wars are 50v50, but come on, you could have done better.


I’m not going to lie, I was instant­ly put off by the graph­ics when watch­ing the game­play videos, but you know what, I’ve been wait­ing for this game for a very long time and I’ll be damned if I’m going to give up before try­ing it. …I sure hope the music is good.

Tune in next week when­ev­er for our first progress report of our playthrough! Well, if you can call it a playthrough. You can nev­er get through the soul eat­ing abyss that is an MMORPG.

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  1. Hey baby­cakes.

    I will behead you if I get addict­ed to MMORPGs again. 😀

    *looks at graphics*

    Or not.

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