Top 10 video games that can easily become anime

The World Ends With You

Hon­est­ly. You know, despite how hor­ri­ble or loose video game adap­ta­tions tend to be… With­in hun­dreds of video games, there are those cer­tain gems that are pret­ty much playable ani­me. They would have no prob­lem mak­ing the tran­si­tion from one medi­um to the oth­er. And then, of course, there are those games which actu­al­ly have bet­ter sto­ries than what you would dis­cov­er in a lot of anime…

(Num­bers hold no impor­tance, although #1 is the most want­ed one. Also, hap­py 4th of July!)

It's Wonderful World

10. The World Ends With You

Oth­er­wise known as Sub­arashi­ki Kono Sekai: It’s a Won­der­ful World in Japan. Being a pret­ty styl­ish RPG devel­oped by Square Enix, it takes place in the real life city of Shibuya with a not-so-real life sto­ry. There are two par­al­lel “dimen­sions” in Shibuya, the Real Ground (the nor­mal Shibuya) and the Under Ground (the same Shibuya, only with a twist…). You take on the role of Neku Sakura­ba, an anti-social Japan­ese boy that likes to iso­late him­self from oth­er peo­ple (hence the sym­bol­ic head­phones in his char­ac­ter design!), as a “Play­er” play­ing in a “game” run by the Shinigami/Reapers in the UG. This game is essen­tial­ly played by dead peo­ple (Neku is dead, as well as every­one else in the game) in a com­pe­ti­tion to see who deserves a sec­ond chance at life, fight­ing against the Noise (yes, the “Noise”). The catch? An entry fee, some­thing that you hold dear. The catch for Neku? The rules requir­ing him to part­ner up with some­one in order to get his mem­o­ries back (mem­o­ries being the entry fee, part­ner­ing up being a fucked up con­cept for him).

Nor­mal peo­ple can’t see the Play­ers and the Noise, of course, aside from cer­tain areas.

The game is lin­ear as with most Japan­ese RPGs, how­ev­er, the sto­ry is filled to the brim with plot twists and char­ac­ter devel­op­ment. In oth­er words, the shit is good. The sto­ry, set­ting, and char­ac­ters all seem like some­thing that could very well be in an ani­me. The com­bat sys­tem, equip­ment (which gen­er­al­ly con­sists of real-life appar­el that are pow­ered-up by “trends”), and set­ting (which is very accu­rate to the real-life Shibuya) are things that don’t have any of that RPG-weird­ness tacked onto them, keep­ing them from being prop­er­ly adapt­ed into an ani­me. Basi­cal­ly, these are all the qual­i­ties that this game is praised for, and can very well con­tribute to a good ani­me if a stu­dio were to pick this up and adapt it.

Wait, don’t for­get the music! Anoth­er rea­son why this game is so wide­ly praised. An ani­me ver­sion of this game would have one of the best god damned OSTs ever. Since this is one of my favorite DS games, jizzing of the pants will be a given.

Also, see: Sh15uya for a sim­i­lar­ly-styled Japan­ese dra­ma that should sim­i­lar­ly recieve the same ani­me treatment.

Tales of Hearts

9. Tales of Hearts

I know what you’re think­ing. “Tales of the Abyss ani­me had ter­ri­ble pac­ing and Tales of Sym­pho­nia OVA takes lib­er­ties with the sto­ry itself and com­plete­ly skips the exploration!”

Well, the prob­lems with both of the above-men­tioned ani­me is that… the games they come from makes use of those World Maps you find in a lot of Japan­ese RPGs. You know, the ones where your avatar char­ac­ter turns into a giant and goes from town-to-town in less than 30 sec­onds? That place where you grind lev­els like a whore? Yeah, that place.

From what I’ve seen so far (Eng­lish patch demo ftw), Tales of Hearts is pret­ty dif­fer­ent from all the pre­vi­ous Tales of games I’ve played. Instead of a World Map, you actu­al­ly trans­verse fields in actu­al-size to get from one city/town to the next.

And like every oth­er Tales of game, the sto­ry and char­ac­ters are obvi­ous­ly inspired by ani­me! It could eas­i­ly become an ani­me with­out all the pac­ing prob­lems caused by back­track­ing on the World Map like in every oth­er JRPG game.

You could prob­a­bly place “Tales of Graces” in its place too, since it ditch­es the World Map entire­ly in favor of full exploration.

Disgaea New Anime

8. Makai Sen­ki Disgaea

Yes, I real­ize that Dis­gaea already has an ani­me. Albeit a ter­ri­ble one.

Dis­gaea cer­tain­ly deserves a sec­ond chance at becom­ing an ani­me. The events that hap­pen in the game, in sequence, can eas­i­ly be trans­lat­ed into an ani­me that par­o­dies the RPG genre of the video game medi­um and ani­me tropes in gen­er­al. It’s a fun game, with a lot of humor that pokes fun at itself, and has a sto­ry that’s actu­al­ly quite heartwarming.

(Some oth­er Nip­pon Ichi games deserve a shout-out too!)

Gyakuten Saiban

7.  Ace Attorney

RECOMMENDED! Already explained, in a pre­vi­ous post.

An Ace Attor­ney: Phoenix Wright ani­me would blow Detec­tive Conan out of the water. :3


6. Zero

Oth­er­wise known as Fatal Frame and Project Zero in oth­er parts of the world.

A hor­ror ani­me that’s actu­al­ly scary? Yeah, I’ll take it. I’m a big J‑Horror fan, so I would­n’t mind a live-action adap­ta­tion, either.

Hig­urashi no Naku Koro ni got pret­ty creepy at times, but it was­n’t real­ly scary at all. I’d be wor­ried about how much scari­ness we’d lose by tran­si­tion­ing it from 3D sur­vival-hor­ror game to an ani­me, but as long as they keep the eerie atmos­phere and have a rea­son­able ani­ma­tion bud­get (do it Shig­u­rui-style!), every­thing would prob­a­bly be alright.

The sto­ry isn’t some­thing you would typ­i­cal­ly find in an ani­me, giv­en the scarci­ty of sus­pense­ful hor­ror ani­me. The back­ground and the unset­tling air of mys­tery each install­ment deliv­ers would make for an intrigu­ing nar­ra­tive in an ani­me, though. Not for an ani­me that airs on tele­vi­sion, week­ly, but more for an ani­me movie, released in theaters.

Devil Survivor

5. Mega­mi Ibun­roku Dev­il Survivor

Oth­er­wise known as Shin Mega­mi Ten­sei: Dev­il Sur­vivor in oth­er parts of the world (ah, the con­fus­ing nam­ing con­ven­tion in local­ized MegaT­en games…)

In the same vein as #10, Dev­il Sur­vivor’s set­ting, sto­ry, and char­ac­ters can eas­i­ly be trans­lat­ed into ani­me form. And see­ing how well they did with pro­duc­ing the Per­sona ~Trin­i­ty Soul~ ani­me (spin-off to Per­sona 3), I hon­est­ly don’t see how a Dev­il Sur­vivor ani­me pro­duced by the same stu­dio could be bad.

That being said, there are quite of num­ber of MegaT­en games that I’d like to see as ani­me. These are excel­lent games that can become excel­lent anime.

Heavy Rain

4. Heavy Rain

I know, I know. Strange choice. It’s Amer­i­can-made, uses over­ly-real­is­tic 3D graph­ics, and takes place in Philladelphia.

Graph­ics aside, the sto­ry is fit for an ani­me much like Bac­cano!

Four “main char­ac­ters” with their sto­ries tying togeth­er as the sto­ry unfolds? Amer­i­can set­ting? Bring it on.

Despite the major plot twist both­er­ing the hell out of me with all the plot holes it induces, Heavy Rain would make a pret­ty good action/thriller/mystery ani­me. It being an inter­ac­tive movie also kin­da’ helps.

I don’t mind it mak­ing the move to 2D at all, as long as it uses the right art style.

Silent Hill

3. Silent Hill

For the same rea­sons as #6, only less-Japan­ese and with a lit­tle more body hor­rors. Also, this applies most­ly to the first three games.

Char­ac­ter hal­lu­ci­na­tions and night­mar­ish man­i­fes­ta­tions of a per­son­’s psy­che only make for a bet­ter hor­ror ani­me. Pyra­mid Head + Mad­house Stu­dios = win.


2. Oka­mi

You hon­est­ly deserve a slap if you’ve nev­er heard of or played Oka­mi before.

Styl­ized art­work with a deli­cious blend of Japan­ese folk­lore and mythol­o­gy — that’s what Oka­mi is. One of the most mem­o­rable action/adventure games to debut on the PS2. With the right ani­ma­tion stu­dio (*cough*Studio Ghibli*cough*) and good pro­duc­tion val­ues, an ani­me based off of Oka­mi would be a mas­ter­piece. Sim­ple as that.


1. Shen­mue

If you’ve lived between the years 1998–2010 and still haven’t owned a Sega Dream­cast and Shen­mue, you seri­ous­ly haven’t lived.

Shen­mue was part of some of my fond­est mem­o­ries of Sega, with its inter­ac­tive world and engag­ing sto­ry­line, stretch­ing from the orig­i­nal game to its sequel, Shen­mue II. The pro­duc­tion val­ues were huge, and the mon­ey used to make the game sur­pass­es the sales of every Dream­cast con­sole com­bined (the amount of Dream­cast units sold was 10.6 mil­lion). No won­der it was a mas­ter­piece! I could hon­est­ly say Shen­mue was one of the best and rev­o­lu­tion­ary games I’ve ever played. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, due to some bad mar­ket­ing deci­sions by Sega, the sto­ry remains yet unfin­ished and Shen­mue III is just a shred of hope in this fan’s heart (and many others).

It would be nice if we get some­thing to wrap up the sto­ry­line. Like an ani­me, man­ga, nov­el… ANYTHING. I would­n’t mind an ani­me of Shen­mue. Its sto­ry was one of its most defin­ing points and would be a wel­come addi­tion to any ani­me. I don’t mind if they remake the two Shen­mue games into ani­me form (the sto­ry would be pret­ty easy to adapt into an ani­me, large­ly being a sto­ry-dri­ven game), I just want some con­clu­sion to the series! Maybe an ani­me could help gar­ner even more demand for Shen­mue III? I don’t know, but it’s worth a try!

Love live QTE and darts at the “YOU Game Arcade”! =D

8 thoughts on “Top 10 video games that can easily become anime

  1. I actu­al­ly thought the Per­sona series would be a good addi­tion to the list, even though they did have that Trin­i­ty adap­ta­tion a while back. That one was­n’t any­where close to being awe­some as the Ps2 games were so a prop­er adap­ta­tion would have been great. 

    Shin Mega­mi Ten­sei would be freakin awe­some though, espe­cial­ly if they keep that same art style

  2. ^ I actu­al­ly thought they would have made a good addi­tion to the list too, but there were so many games I could think about in a top 10, I only had room to give hon­or­able men­tions to relat­ed games.

    Direct adap­ta­tions of the Per­sona series would be awe­some, and the atmos­phere would be per­fect for an ani­mat­ed series (does­n’t help that they tease with the ani­me cutscenes in Per­sona 4!). I would total­ly like to see that.

    And yeah, it would be nice to see the main Shin Mega­mi Ten­sei games ani­mat­ed as well.

  3. Not to men­tion the excel­lent char­ac­ter designs of the Per­sona series. They can spin it so many ways. Horror/Supernatural, romance, slice-of-life.…the pos­si­bil­i­ties are end­less haha

  4. @Bass: lol The dif­fer­ent game­play ele­ments of Per­sona are ask­ing for an anime.
    Won­der if they’ll keep the sound­track for any of the games if they ever adapt them. The music is pret­ty damn awesome.

  5. dude detec­tive conan will lose to Ace Attor­ney? in ur dreams bro detec­tive conan is more better.
    my rea­son why:
    1. he a kid and make it easy for him to find the crim­i­nal because peo­ple won’t sus­pect him.
    2. this is rare but best part is when he and the FBI vs the black orga­ni­za­tion, and the black org don’t no that shinichi (conan) is alive so that makes it for the peo­ple around him don’t get involve so he has to lie and say his dead or if he solve a case he tell the police not say he was in the case.
    3. the case are all dif­fer­ent and some are easy to solve if lis­ten close­ly to the clues.
    4. if your into detec­tive and you watch this at night the case will make you fill the chill like some­one watch­ing you (some­time hap­pen the me).

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