Seasonal Blogging List (Mid-Summer)

Summer 2010

Pret­ty much all the con­firmed shows I’m going to blog until the next batch of shows stick their ugly heads in.

I’m prob­a­bly going to watch one or two more shows in addi­tion to the ones I’m going to blog. How­ev­er, I’m too much of a wimp to blog that many shows. That, and I have tons of video games I need to beat (and I have a hunch that a good amount of ani­me this sea­son will dis­ap­point me).

SO, NO SORRIES! =D I just fin­ished up FMA: Broth­er­hood and will write a post regard­ing that tomorrow.


Ooka­mi-san to Shi­chinin no Naka­mat­achi (Air date: July 1st)

Pret­ty obvi­ous that this one is on my list, see­ing as how I already start­ed blog­ging it. It seems like a real­ly fun show to fol­low if you’re not being too crit­i­cal about it. The fact that it aired on my birth­day makes it spe­cial enough to blog week­ly until the show ends. It just feels right that way.

Hey, I’m a sen­ti­men­tal guy.


Shi­ki (Air date: July 9th)

I’m a fan of hor­ror, I’m a fan of ani­me. They mesh. (:

From the PV, it seems creepy enough for me. Usu­al­ly, when it comes to hor­ror ani­me, it’s either too over-the-top with the vio­lence or not scary enough. I’m hop­ing it sticks with the eerie J‑Horror feel like what the pre­view’s giv­ing me right now.

High school of the dead

High School of the Dead (Air date: July 5th)

I have almost no clue what’s it about. All I know is: high school + zom­bie apocalypse.

Dun­no how that works. But it’s always been a tra­di­tion for me to try every­thing by Mad­house at least once. It’s one of my favorite ani­ma­tion studios.


Mis­tu­do­moe (Air date: July 3rd)

Haven’t watched it yet, but I hear it’s about a bunch of lit­tle ele­men­tary school kids and has a lot of crude humor.

Sounds like a Japan­ese South Park. I like Japan (weaboo alert). I like South Park. They mesh. 🙂

I might also watch that new Digi­mon series too. Haven’t been into Digi­mon in a while… For a show that adver­tis­es portable pets, it actu­al­ly man­aged to churn out a decent plot more than a few times.

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