High School of the Dead 01

Zombie Apocalypse with hot girls

I just entered a world where Left 4 Dead meets Dead or Alive Xtreme 2.

Blood mixed with mind­less fanser­vice. I like it.



I like the basis of the sto­ry. Not because it’s “orig­i­nal” or any­thing, but because it’s any­thing but. This series seems like a throw­back to every old sur­vival-hor­ror video game and zom­bie hor­ror movies I ever loved and hat­ed. A mix of Left 4 Dead’s extreme­ly fast infec­tion haz­ards and Res­i­dent Evil’s “AIM FOR THE HEAD!”

Guar­an­teed for some fun action scenes.

Why so...


The char­ac­ters are rather inter­est­ing enough. Takashi and Rei’s rela­tion­ship seems like it will build some good dra­ma in the future, but I thought the love tri­an­gle in the begin­ning just seemed so typical.

Seri­ous­ly, what’s up with the girl always get­ting with the best friend when­ev­er she dumps a guy? That’s pret­ty eff’d up. What­ev­er hap­pened to bros before ho’s?


It was inter­est­ing to see what cer­tain peo­ple would resort to doing in a apoc­a­lypse such as this, and how low some peo­ple will go. Com­mit­ting sui­cide? Push­ing peo­ple to their deaths down the stairs in order to escape first? Say­ing “screw you” to your friend just to save your own hide?

That’s pret­ty scary to think about. ^^; Human­i­ty sucks.


I must say, Mad­house did a won­der­ful job ani­mat­ing the jig­gly boobs. This is the one time where I approve of mind­less fanser­vice. Look at those things bounce. Look at the detail. Yeah… yeah

Wait, what? Oh yes, blog!

OH HOT PANTSU-... Wait, wtf

Any­one else find it strange that the abun­dance of panty shots don’t let up even in grotesque scenes like these? I mean, sure, panty shots are hot and all, but there’s a point where it stops being “appro­pri­ate”…

Zombie of Friendship

lol, she got what she deserved.

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