Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi 02


Ryouko’s reac­tion to Ryoushi tak­ing a lev­el in badass.

(Seems like the screen­shots are gonna have Chi­nese sub­ti­tles for a while. Sor­ry, guys. D8)

Super Saiya-kin

Why, hel­lo there.” I think I’ve seen you before. In anoth­er time, in anoth­er place

ED in this episode was pret­ty cute. I liked how we got a look at Ryouko’s dere dere side in this episode, as well as how badass Ryoushi can be if he just stops being a wuss puss around people.

*scrunch­es face* “Fuck off.” Yeah, that’s how we defend our women… in Asia? It’s not the same with­out the patri­o­tism

It's rape tiem

It’s rape tiem…

Dis­re­gard­ing how fucked up this sit­u­a­tion is, I can’t help but feel amused. When that gang of punks kid­napped Ryouko and tied her up, I was think­ing “Dude, if this was real life, they’d frig­gin’ rape her.

And well, you know… I jinx every­thing.

Also, thank god Ryoushi took care of their boss. That guy is huge. He’d tear poor Ryouko up…


If only Kou­ji Yusa voiced him… if you Kamen Rid­er fans know what I mean.

Package obtained

Tar­get acquired.”

Yat­ta. Awwwrite~…


Real­is­ti­cal­ly, sav­ing a girl from an attempt­ed rape will not get you laid.

Too bad this is fic­tion, though! Poor Ryoushi.




…W‑what’s with that look? S‑stupid… I told you, I don’t like this anime! >///<

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