How far would you go for the sake of your hobbies?

Harmless school picture... or is it?

Haruhi, what has your crazy antics done to our world?

Nishi­nomiya Kita Senior High School has post­ed a warn­ing against tres­passers on its web­site after fans entered its premis­es and scrawled graf­fi­ti on the sports ground.


It should be not­ed that this is fair­ly old news, and that real life attempts at reen­act­ing Bam­boo Leaf Rhap­sody have been hap­pen­ing quite a lot in Nishi­nomiya. This is a pret­ty good exam­ple of unhealthy obsession.

It’s under­stand­able that you would have some kind of desire to vis­it a place where your favorite TV show is being filmed at. It’s even under­stand­able if that loca­tion was used in your favorite ani­me. But scal­ing an entire build­ing from the out­side just to take pic­tures of the rooftop? Tres­pass­ing on an edu­ca­tion­al facil­i­ty just so you could live out a scene that hap­pened in an anime?

That’s when you need to real­ize that you need to focus your pas­sions else­where… because that’s just fucked up.

I admit, I would want to vis­it a place like Yoko­su­ka, for exam­ple, to get a nos­tal­gia trip from being remind­ed of one of my favorite Dream­cast games, Shen­mue. How­ev­er, I would­n’t go around both­er­ing peo­ple about look­ing for a guy named Char­lie, sailors, the death of my father, and Lan Di… unless I was just fuck­ing around.

There’s always a bound­ary.  Ani­me and video games (and every oth­er form of enter­tain­ment) always offer you some form of escapism… but it’s not a replace­ment for real life. Don’t start cry­ing because they won’t let you into a god damned high school (which you prob­a­bly see as some kind of heav­en at that point). It’s good to be a fan, but not when it just piss­es the crap out of every­one around you and attract­ing dan­ger to yourself.

I would prob­a­bly vis­it Nishi­nomiya and take pic­tures of that high school if I got the chance, but I would­n’t force my way into the premis­es and vio­late the school grounds with the SOS Brigade logo. A safe-sound­ing hob­by such as watch­ing ani­me should remain “safe”, after all.

5 thoughts on “How far would you go for the sake of your hobbies?

  1. Good points. I’m con­tent with just watch­ing ani­me, col­lect­ing mer­chan­dise, and discussing/sharing with friends. I don’t need extrav­a­gant or risky stuff like this =P

  2. @Yumeka: Yeah, I’m pret­ty much con­tent with keep­ing ani­me a nor­mal hob­by too.

    That’s not to say I would­n’t be tempt­ed to take pic­tures of Nishi­nomiya Kita Senior High School if I had the chance, though… I would­n’t barge in there though, espe­cial­ly since most Japan­ese schools/classrooms have the same basic lay­out. Not much else oth­er than to have brag­ging rights. “This is where Kyon and Taniguchi ate their lunch!”

  3. Tres­pass­ing on a school just because it’s an ani­me should­n’t be tol­er­at­ed at all. The places that I’ve been to that I’ve seen in ani­mes are open to the pub­lic and there are lots more out there. Tak­ing pic­tures out­side the school grounds is OK though. Although, if the school could make some mon­ey from the pub­lic­i­ty they might let peo­ple go on school grounds, per­haps when stu­dents aren’t on cam­pus. Like that city that the Hiira­gi twins live at. They’re cap­i­tal­iz­ing on the free pub­lic­i­ty and mak­ing mon­ey on the otaku that who would­n’t oth­er­wise visit.

  4. @AS: $_$ Mon­ey-wise, that’s a good idea. I would total­ly love to take advan­tage of the school’s pop­u­lar­i­ty to make mon­ey off of it… but then again, it’s still just a nor­mal school that just hap­pened to be in a pop­u­lar nov­el like Haruhi. Pre­cau­tions would have to be tak­en for tours and such, because if some of these more cra­zier otaku are scal­ing the build­ing from the out­side (xD) and reen­act­ing Kyon’s lit­tle time trav­el episode, who knows what kind of crazy things they would try to do inside.
    Tour sched­ul­ing might anger some of the stu­dents too, since a lot club activ­i­ties are sched­uled dur­ing the week­ends and such, so such tours would­n’t be very com­mon dur­ing the school year. The crazy ones still might be tempt­ed to do some dar­ing things in the mean time. 😛

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