Shiki 01

Emotionless anime eyes means something supernatural is going on...

Yeah, something fucked up's going on here.

A great open­ing episode that hope­ful­ly sets the atmos­phere of creepi­ness and mys­tery for the rest of the series. The vil­lage set­ting remind­ed me a lit­tle bit of Hig­urashi.

(Yeah, looks like Shi­ki and Ooka­mi-san are gonna receive the Chi­nese sub­ti­tle treat­ment for the rest of my blog­ging sea­son…)

Obnoxious girls in anime... *sigh*

I’m lovin’ the music in this ani­me already. The back­ground music gave me chills… it’s hard to explain, but it’s the kind of thing you would hear in a J‑Horror or a J‑Hor­ror-styled game like Fatal Frame. One of the things that make a good hor­ror is the com­bi­na­tion of qui­et fore­bod­ing musi­cal scores and silent scenes. It adds to the air of mys­tery and this ani­me makes good use of it in this first episode.

No gripes with any of the char­ac­ters yet, aside from Megu­mi. I was scratch­ing my head at how mate­ri­al­is­tic a girl can be, even though she’s liv­ing in a vil­lage where every­one cares enough about her. They even formed a search par­ty and looked for her in the dead of night in those creepy ass woods…

Did­n’t learn much about Nat­suno in this episode. See­ing as he’s sup­pos­ed­ly one of the main char­ac­ters, we’ll get to learn more about him soon enough.

Big scary eyeballs = Not a good sign

Lov­ing the ani­ma­tion in this ani­me; it’s very high qual­i­ty. The art style isn’t exact­ly some­thing I LOVE, but I like it. It fits real­ly well with every oth­er lit­tle thing pre­sent­ed in this episode.

Creepy little girl = DO NOT WANT

I’m going to take a wild (or rather, obvi­ous) guess that the Kirishi­ki fam­i­ly are the vam­pires of this anime.

Judg­ing from the OP and ED, their daugh­ter is look­ing very creepy to me at the moment. Dammit, I hate those creepy lit­tle girls they put into hor­ror films and sur­vival-hor­ror games! >.<

4 thoughts on “Shiki 01

  1. Well I saw ooka­mi and from read­ing this I’m get­ting the vibe that ani­ma­tors these days are get­ting to lazy to come up with new charecter designes and per­son­al­i­ties O—-O

  2. Thecheesish6: Ooka­mi-san isn’t exact­ly orig­i­nal with the over­done char­ac­ter arche­types (i.e. the tsun­dere) and the char­ac­ter designs (typ­i­cal moe-style), but the ani­ma­tion and the show itself aren’t bad by any means, just not very innovative.

    The amount of the orig­i­nal­i­ty in per­son­al­i­ties and design varies, real­ly. You just have to real­ly try to find those shows.

  3. @Anime Man­ga Ency­clo­pe­dia: Yeah, can’t be hor­ror with­out haunt­ing music!
    I espe­cial­ly liked the creepy hum­ming in the back­ground. Real­ly adds to the creepiness.

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