High School of the Dead 02

Don't fuck with the quiet ones.

woot. Nobuyu­ki Hiya­ma plays a badass char­ac­ter once again. School geek who is a clos­et­ed badass FOR THE WIN.

Not much hap­pened in this episode, besides all the sur­viv­ing char­ac­ters final­ly meet­ing up and the reveal of one of the pro­tag­o­nists being a bul­let-crazy weapon otaku. Every­thing else was just a bunch of zom­bie head-mash­ing… which isn’t exact­ly a bad thing, but ya’ know.

Minor Character Jesus!

Hero­ic char­ac­ters impress me very eas­i­ly. Even this minor char­ac­ter who every­one will for­get about after the episode ends. I won’t call him a name­less minor char­ac­ter because he revealed his name… aw shit, I for­got already. As an apol­o­gy, I will call him Minor Char­ac­ter Jesus. He died like a true man. He died for our sins.

I like it how Minor Char­ac­ter Jesus gave me a “Dang, this guy feels like he could be a char­ac­ter you could find in anoth­er ani­me”-feel­ing. Real­ly brings out the “ani­me world meets Left 4 Dead” set­ting.

bouncy toys

boun­cy toys

The inap­pro­pri­ate panty shots (shut up, you know what I mean xD) dur­ing death scenes were toned down in this episode com­pared to the last one. Did­n’t see much pantsu in gen­er­al, actually.

Onslaught of… mind­less fanser­vice… will returnnext episode… ngggh­h­hh…

Edi­tor’s note: Cue the cof­fee break in the mid­dle of writ­ing a post.

Takashi: I knew this was a retarded idea!

Rei: And I was sure this was going to work!

Retard­ed idea #1: Call­ing the police dur­ing a zom­bie apoc­a­lypse. That total­ly worked in Res­i­dent Evil.

Though, I could under­stand call­ing your fam­i­ly to make sure they’re okay, but… real­is­ti­cal­ly, you know. Zom­bie apocalypse.



My life is complete

My life is complete.

Hey guys, I have a con­fes­sion. I also have a weak­ness for cute girls wear­ing glasses.

Democracy under the dead

Next episode: More chaos and Rei’s throws yet anoth­er bitch-fit.

4 thoughts on “High School of the Dead 02

  1. I still have not start­ed the series. I am actu­al­ly a lit­tle weary of it since I am not a fan of zom­bie and gory movies.

  2. I seri­ous­ly hate Rei, she’s such a whin­er! I liked Sae­ka in this episode along with Kouta–who would’ve thought this nerd would go gun-crazy? Would love to see him go berserk bat-shit crazy soon! ^^;

  3. @Kairu90: Don’t know about oth­er peo­ple, but I find it easy to watch due to me being used to hor­ror movies and zom­bie video games. 😛 Very sim­i­lar. I guess it could go either way for you. ^^;;
    Kyokai: Yes! Sae­ka and Kou­ta seem like they’re going to be the two most badass char­ac­ters in this show.
    I find Rei pret­ty annoy­ing, but the eas­i­est female to look at when it comes to char­ac­ter design in this show. 😛

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