Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi 03

I'll show you real pleasure...

I’ll show you what real plea­sure is

Just kidding, you naughty lolicon.

Just kid­ding, you naughty loli­con.

Beau­ty con­test? I thought there was going to be some epic flash­back race or some­thing when I saw fat lit­tle Oto­hime at the begin­ning of the episode. Also, pig tails = rab­bit ears? Does this mean Azun­yan~ is a rab­bit neko hybrid?

(lol, embrace the lack of Chi­nese sub­ti­tles for Ooka­mi-san now…)



Some­one laid off on the McDou­bles before it was too late

Who knew a bit of exer­cise for a year could make some­one look so smexy.

What’s up with mak­ing fun of the fat kids in ani­me, though? I have this ten­den­cy to not notice obe­si­ty and anorex­ia as long as the per­son isn’t a total a‑hole, but I guess it’s dif­fer­ent for oth­er peo­ple. “Tur­tle” is kind of a lame thing to call a fat per­son, though. I’d set­tle for just the tra­di­tion­al “fatass”, personally.

Also, D’AAAAAAAW on Urashima call­ing lit­tle Oto­hime cute.



Yandere loli


Usa­mi reminds me of Alice from Tales of Sym­pho­nia ‑Knight of Ratatosk-.

Evil loli that baits you in with her fake cute­ness? ‑shiv­ers-


You think this shot is epic? Wait until you see their faces when they see the yan­dere loli.

Loli Persona Battle

I thought this was going to be a typ­i­cal loli bat­tle. You know, the ones where they fight over which one has the bet­ter flat chest…

Until they start­ed sum­mon­ing Per­sona. “WTF?!” Then it looked awesome.

Why can't she be like Mio

an embar­rassed ryouko is fine too

Ryouko need­ed to slip into a swim­suit or a cos­play uni­form. Then this episode would have been complete.

Ryoushi’s last attempt at bring­ing out the dere dere in Ryouko at the end of the episode deserved a bro-fist. Nice­ly played, boy, nice­ly played.

5 thoughts on “Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi 03

  1. I won­der what sort of cos­play or swim­suit Ryouko could have worn…hmmmm.…black biki­ni maybe lick­ing on a baby blue Pop­si­cle! Yush! I love the lit­tle “Otaku” pho­to­shoot XD. That was awe­some, made me rofl (yes I am using that as a verb now) when Ryoushi popped up.

  2. Kairy90: Some­thing that shows off her legs, def­i­nite­ly! Pop­si­cle ftw.
    Ryoushi would like some of that. xD

  3. Episode is great for Kugimiya fags. Noth­ing is bet­ter than see­ing her lose.
    Some­how I’m able to stand Toy­asa­ki in this anmie because of the flashbacks.

    Ani­me still dumb as ever though.

  4. @Fabrice: Hear­ing her as Alphonse in FMA for a whole year again made me sad hear­ing her in a gener­ic loli role again. ):

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