Cosplay Corner: Nakano Azusa

Azunyan for president

Writer’s block calls for

Azusa cos­play dump. Do not pro­ceed if the thought of ran­dom Asian girls in cute out­fits dis­gusts you.

Nyan Nyan Azunyan

Azun­yan~ nyan nyan

Azunyan with her guitar

(btw. that’s a gui­tar pick. Pervert)

Azunyan =3

My male weak­ness: The :3 face.

A one and a two and a...

Wan tsu suri

nekomimi azunyan

a azunyan~azunyan is fine too

lol fake background

Is it just me, or does it look like she’s not real­ly “there”?



^Per­son­al favorite. No doubt she’d be this cute in real life too.

An embarrased Azuyan is fine too

O-…oi, that’s kind of embarrassing.


9 thoughts on “Cosplay Corner: Nakano Azusa

  1. @dood: Which one? 😛 There are four dif­fer­ent girls.
    (Also, con­grats on being the 600th [legit­i­mate] com­menter on my blog. xD)

  2. @divinelight: Yes! She’s total­ly the real life Azusa out of the whole bunch. 😛

  3. I love the last Azu-nyan, she looks like she’s say­ing “gan­bat­te” xD. Very seri­ous and cute looking ^^.

  4. @AS: Hm, gan­bat­te, a much more accu­rate inter­pre­ta­tion com­pared to my “iya desu!” xD

  5. Awww she is so cute the girl in num­ber 1,2,3 ^_^ she is so pret­ty! Who is she? 😀 i want to see more of her cosplay

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