High School of the Dead 03

Loony teacher

Gave me a Wesker-vibe from Res­i­dent Evil. Except I want­ed to punch this guy in the face.

Damn. I’m not that fond of Rei (besides her hot­ness), but I agree with her. Who let this loony teacher on the bus?!

I hate this job

I hate this job.

Hands down the best scene in the episode. 7‑Eleven guy looks bummed out because the bus­es keep run­ning over his hun­gry customers. ):<

I need a J G !

What these kids need are a bunch of grenades. They should be grate­ful that they aren’t play­ing in the Left 4 Dead universe.

One sound in that game and all the sur­round­ing zom­bies go “RAAAAWR NOM NOM” and run towards you with super speed. God damn.

Deja vu

A burn­ing bus sep­a­rat­ing the heroes. The heroes decide to meet at the police station.

They total­ly did­n’t steal that scene from Res­i­dent Evil 2.

Biker zombie

Wait… zom­bies DON’T know how to dri­ve motor­cy­cles? Res­i­dent Evil 5 lied to me!

I loved you all this time

I rode your best friend while scream­ing your name like a hye­na. Will you still mar­ry me pl0x??

Judg­ing from the episode pre­view, there seems to be trou­ble in par­adise… again. Hisas­hi con­tin­ues to be a douche of a best friend even after death. I hear the best friend thing was­n’t the case in the man­ga… which real­ly makes more sense. You do not get with a girl your “best friend” likes with­out being a douche.

Most like­ly, Rei’s going to be a bitch again next episode and does some­thing stu­pid, caus­ing her to get kid­napped by some nasty-look­ing rapist.

3 thoughts on “High School of the Dead 03

  1. It’s appar­ent that Shi­do’s been up to no good. I can only guess that he has been abus­ing his teacher pow­ers. >.> Rei was a bit man­age­able this episode but from pre­view… fail!

  2. @Kyokai: Cor­rupt teach­ers ftl. I’m guess­ing he nev­er real­ly enjoyed his job for the sen­ti­men­tal aspect of it, just the pow­er. The look of plea­sure when he kicked that kid in the face was pret­ty creepy.
    @Mushyrulez: You just remind­ed me of a very dis­turb­ing pic­ture I found on Dan­booru when I searched up Res­i­dent Evil, lol.

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