Ponyo on the Cliff (movie)

Ponyo, the little girl with a round tummy

Ponyo, ponyo, ponyo, lit­tle fishy in the sea~ 

I final­ly got around to watch­ing Ponyo. Hands down, one of the cutest Hayao Miyaza­ki films I’ve ever seen.  It’s not the best of his films, but it still has his spe­cial mag­i­cal touch and is cer­tain­ly worth a watch, espe­cial­ly when you have your lit­tle sis­ter by your side. =)  Plus, the end­ing theme is cute and catchy at the same time (and not in an annoy­ing way)! It’s a superb movie that’s appeal­ing to all ages and you’re a jerk if you don’t watch it.

Toy Ship - Double Meaning btw

I loved Ponyo and Sousuke’s friend­ship through­out the movie. Def­i­nite­ly one of the cutest toy ships I’ve ever seen (both fig­u­ra­tive­ly and lit­er­al­ly). <3

2 thoughts on “Ponyo on the Cliff (movie)

  1. I have a friend who watched this and she fell mad­ly in love with Ponyo lol. She bought a bunch of col­lectibles after­wards. All because I gave her and Tomoyo a free tick­et to watch the movie lol. It looked a bit too cute for me so I decid­ed against watch­ing it, plus I think I had work that night ^^;;.

  2. @AS: Aw, you should watch it when you get the chance. ^^ It’s not dis­gust­ing­ly cute or any­thing. That’s what I like about Miyaza­ki films, no mat­ter what which one is aimed at a cer­tain audi­ence, peo­ple of all ages are bound to enjoy them. xD Great sto­ry and very touching.
    I kind of regret not watch­ing this in the­aters when I had the chance, and used the tick­ets to sneak into Inglo­ri­ous Bas­ter­ds. T_T Which was a good movie regard­less, but still… D;

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