Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi 04

Mean Ryouko-san

Meido Ryouko

We final­ly got mei­do cos­play from Ryouko. 

Could have been bet­ter if they dropped the cross dress­ing, though.

Do not want. ):


The episode itself explores Otsu­u’s past and her obses­sion with quid pro quo. I like how each episode is adding a lit­tle bit of depth to these side char­ac­ters, although so far, Otsuu is the only one who has a char­ac­ter back­ground that result­ed in a pret­ty exag­ger­at­ed char­ac­ter trait.

Onii-chan sac­ri­ficed his life to save me! Now I’ll put on some mei­do clothes and return favors to every­one!”

Hot Meido

Not that I’m complaining. 😛

It’s hard being a teenag­er with hor­mones and being crit­i­cal at the same time…

Incest is how you show your family love in anime

I love you, Onii-sama.

Oh my-… nev­er­mind… I can be crit­i­cal now…

Fangs are awesome

That’s a cute lit­tle fang you have there, Ryouko. I know where Ryoushi is going with this!

…Okay, sick joke I made there. But hey, that is a cute fang. Yeah?


Deredere Romance Novel Otaku


lol Ryouko is a romance nov­el otaku.

Ryoushi’s a clos­et­ed badass hunter and his aunt is Ryouko’s favorite romance writer. The vari­ety in his fam­i­ly trades is strange, but I’d say… he cer­tain­ly has the upper hand here. Don’t let me down.

Jacked off too much last night

Tee­hee. You males out there would find this face famil­iar. I could go into detail, but that would just be too much infor­ma­tion. 3QFGY2SA4SB8

6 thoughts on “Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi 04

  1. Not seen the 4th episode yet, about to watch it in a few min­utes actu­al­ly. But, now I am excit­ed! I get to see Ryouko in a maid out­fit! >w<!

  2. @Fabrice: Yeah, same reac­tion here, actu­al­ly. The premise seems to be the Oto­gi Bank doing peo­ple favors, but the only thing I can see that counts as a “plot” (sort of) is Ryoushi’s love sto­ry with Ryouko…
    Maybe that “omnious dark­nezzz!!!” in the open­ing will come to light in due time? 😛

  3. If i remem­bered cor­rect­ly, was­nt Ryouko’s maid out­fit dif­fer­ent from every­one elses?

  4. @Damon: Yeah, it was. The upper part of the chest is exposed to reveal the deli­cious­ness of that piece of flat 8D. *cough*

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