Shiki 03

Get it away from me

What the- Get this thing away from me!

My god. The vam­pires should just bite him already. Masao was not only creepy, but he’s pret­ty much the most annoy­ing char­ac­ter this sea­son has to offer. o_o I hard­ly know any­thing about how his mind works, or who the hell he is, but there’s some­thing about him that just piss­es me off.

If that’s the kind of char­ac­ter he’s sup­posed to be (no duh), the voice actor did a superb job. Of course, Shi­ki’s doing a superb job of creep­ing me out in gen­er­al. Won­der­ful atmosphere.

They're not vampires

If the weird style of dress, eyes, and hair don’t tell you that the Kirishi­ki fam­i­ly is the cause of the all the mys­te­ri­ous deaths in the vil­lage… then gol­ly gee, I don’t know what to say.

Total­ly not vampires.

Creepy little girl ftl

My first impres­sion of Sunako dur­ing her con­ver­sa­tion with Seishin? Creepy lit­tle girl. I don’t like creepy lit­tle girls. That’s just a cheap shot at the nerves, man!

DO NOT CALL ME LITTLE.” C-…Certainly. FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUU T_T The way she skipped down the steps so omi­nous­ly… Not cute.


Looks like Seishin was for­mer­ly a fan of writ­ing sad poet­ry on Facebook.

I sense homoerotic tension

I sense homo­erot­ic tension.

No won­der Nat­suno was­n’t inter­est­ed in Megu­mi. *cough*

Seems like Nat­suno was aware that some­thing odd was going on in his room last episode. I would be pret­ty creeped out too. Rustling in the bush­es right after my stalk­er just died. *shiv­er*

Aw, what a nice...

Aw, what a nice-

They're all fucking screwed

…Yeah, they’re all screwed.

Some­one’s going to die tonight.

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  1. masao’s creep­y­ness is cute to me 😛

    I sense homo­erot­ic tension.”
    me too o_o

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