Top 10 Xenophobic/Ignorant Attitudes Aimed Towards Japanese Media

Five cool points if you can name all three of these characters

I’ll give you a cook­ie if you can name all three char­ac­ters and where they orig­i­nat­ed. 😛

The list is in no spe­cif­ic order. #5 may apply to oth­er coun­tries, as well. Also note that I’m against these opin­ions, not sid­ing with them.


10. Ani­me appeals only to children.

Under­stand­able, giv­en that the major­i­ty of day­time ani­me con­sists of Poke­mon, Naru­to, and all of that oth­er crap that airs on CW4Kids.  Haters range from adults who don’t know bet­ter to igno­rant teens who refer to ani­me as “those gay Asian cartoons”.

Minds are changed when they are exposed to some Elfen Lied, any Hayao Miyaza­ki film, and Samu­rai Cham­ploo.


9. Ani­me has noth­ing but gore, sex, and nudity.

Usu­al­ly hap­pens when a soc­cer mom comes across fan-drawn hen­tai on the inter­net and thinks they’re authen­tic to the actu­al show. May stem from attempts (from the more crazy rabid ani­me fans) to change #10’s mind­set of the mass­es by claim­ing that all ani­me are cen­sored and are full of nudi­ty and gore, along with tons and tons of sex. Wrong way to go!

When you think about it, it makes no sense why some peo­ple think like this when the major­i­ty of Amer­i­ca already knows about Poke­mon. Not sur­pris­ing­ly, it turns out that these peo­ple think Poke­mon was a gore-fest in the orig­i­nal Japan­ese and con­tained tons of bes­tial­i­ty, rape, and under­aged sex. Mmkay.

Visual novels

8. Visu­al nov­els = eroge

No no no no. Ace Attor­ney and CLANNAD are cer­tain­ly not hen­tai games. Same with oth­er visu­al nov­els down­loaded online, etc.

Visu­al nov­els CAN be erot­ic games, but not all of them are.

Hair dye

7. Japan­ese peo­ple dye their hair to look white.

No idea how dying or high­light­ing one’s hair a dif­fer­ent col­or makes a per­son a Cau­casian-wannabe or is even exclu­sive to Japan, espe­cial­ly when a lot of the col­ors aren’t exclu­sive­ly just blonde or red, but okay.

Manga Library

6. zomg lets ban these ani­me books from the library

Because adult-ori­ent­ed books in the library are only lim­it­ed to Japan­ese man­ga. Right.


5. Asian hor­ror sucks. All they have are Asian girls with extreme­ly long hair that cov­er their face!

As if J‑Horror is lim­it­ed to “visu­al scares” and onryo. I can say some­thing sim­i­lar to Amer­i­can  ghosts, zom­bies, and slash­er films. Hock­ey masks? Slow and mind­less decay­ing weirdos? Trans­par­ent human beings? Boooor­ing.

As if.

Japan­ese hor­ror usu­al­ly focus­es on the atmos­phere rather than tons and tons of body hor­ror. Although, if you’ve seen Ju-on, the orig­i­nal Japan­ese ver­sion of The Grudge, Kayako actu­al­ly looks scari­er than she does in the latter…

Big eyes and strange hair color

4. Ani­me char­ac­ters are drawn with big eyes and have var­i­ous hair col­ors because the Japan­ese see them­selves as white.

Because white peo­ple have big eyes and their hair col­ors range from red, blue, orange, pink… wait, what?

This draw­ing tech­nique in Japan is used to con­vey emo­tion and to tell the dif­fer­ent char­ac­ters apart. No self dep­re­ca­tion there, I assure you. ‑_-

Nana Mizuki is awesome

3. Japan­ese pop singers all have squeaky voices.

While it’s true that some Japan­ese girls have some very high pitched singing, this usu­al­ly only applies to those teen idols that are sup­posed to be pre­sent­ed as cute.  A good major­i­ty of female Japan­ese singers sound per­fect­ly normal.

Nana Mizu­ki pic­tured above for reference.

Hiro Mizuhima

2. Japanese/Asian dra­mas sure have a lot of pret­ty boys and men…

Can’t argue with that, but it depends on the show. But real­ly, is Amer­i­ca any bet­ter when it comes to shows aimed at teen girls?

Kamen Rider Gatack

1. zomg it’s a pow­er ranger.

The poor fate of Japan­ese super­heroes… and my pet peeve. This comes from the fact that most peo­ple don’t know what Pow­er Rangers actu­al­ly are (a mul­ti­col­ored team of span­dex-wear­ing super­heroes). This is under­stand­able with Super Sen­tai, because the whole premise of Pow­er Rangers is basi­cal­ly just splic­ing bat­tle footage of sen­tai with new footage of Amer­i­can actors, along with a new sto­ry, much like the dub of the first Godzil­la film.

btw, Kamen Rid­er’s Rid­er Punch inspired the Fal­con Punch.

You have to be pret­ty half-baked if you think a Kamen Rid­er is a Pow­er Ranger, though. My poor­ly-informed friend claimed that this masked hero looked like a Pow­er Ranger sim­ply because he had a hel­met… with that log­ic, what the hell does Iron Man put on his head then? Of course, this is the same guy that claimed that Skull Man looked like a Pow­er Ranger.

Even when using the low­er bud­get (plus “morn­ing anime”-like and less grit­ty) Kamen Rid­er shows on tele­vi­sion as a com­par­i­son, it still hard­ly resem­bles Pow­er Rangers aside from the char­ac­ters trans­form­ing… some of which don’t “trans­form” at all, in fact. Hen­shin heroes are pop­u­lar in Japan, espe­cial­ly when it comes to super­heroes and ani­me, so that com­par­i­son is faulty. Spi­der-Man is much more Ranger-like in appear­ance com­pared to the armored Kamen Rid­ers and the Green Gob­lin looks like Elgar from Pow­er Rangers Tur­bo, yet peo­ple hard­ly mis­take Spidey for a Pow­er Ranger. Sailor Moon, which is actu­al­ly inspired by sen­tai shows, is nev­er used as a com­par­i­son either, at least in America.

Though, it seems that any ful­ly-cos­tumed indi­vid­ual is prone to the Pow­er Rangers Accu­sa­tion Syn­drome, if they’re not exposed to Amer­i­ca enough (i.e. they have no idea who it is).

Some­times I see GARO being com­pared Pow­er Rangers, despite it sport­ing high qual­i­ty visu­al effects and the main char­ac­ter (Sae­ji­ma Kouga) being a god damned demon hunter. He’s not even a super­hero. It’s more like Dev­il May Cry meets KARAS. The hell?

11 thoughts on “Top 10 Xenophobic/Ignorant Attitudes Aimed Towards Japanese Media

  1. The only opinion/preconception I some­what agree with is nr. 3.
    The major­i­ty of female singers emit an inca­pac­i­tat­ing high pitch shriek. Like you said, it’s because they are sup­posed to be per­ceived as ‘cute’. Which implies that their per­cep­tion of ‘cute­ness’ is hor­ri­bly warped. I pre­fer the more authen­tic (Japan­ese folk) music. Their pop and rock just does­n’t live up to what the rest of the world is churn­ing out.

    Any­way, the last Japan­ese movie I saw which did­n’t have a com­plete­ly gener­ic plot was Depar­tures and two years and count­less shit­ty movies have blown passed me since then. There’s absolute­ly no rea­son why a movie affi­ciona­do should have to stare him­self blind at Japan­ese cin­e­ma. My point being: it’s cer­tain­ly not ‘xeno­pho­bic’ to say that once you’ve seen the work of Kuro­sawa you can turn your back on Japan­ese cin­e­ma with­out regret, because there ‘ll sole­ly be dis­s­a­point­ment in store.

  2. @Grimmer: Actu­al­ly, the Japan­ese have some pret­ty good Indie music going on, you just have to try and find it. I also dis­agree that a major­i­ty of female Japan­ese singers have high pitched singing. I admit that a lot of them do, as you described, but I nev­er real­ly run into that kind of cutesy pop music unless I’m real­ly look­ing for that kind of thing. 😛
    Then again, I was nev­er real­ly INTO the super main­stream stuff in Amer­i­ca to begin with, I pre­fer punk rock and ska. It’s prob­a­bly the same with Japan too, unless it’s real­ly good…
    And eh, Japan’s ani­mat­ed films aren’t bad. Don’t watch much of the live action movies nowa­days besides the kai­ju, hor­ror, and super­hero films, so I would­n’t know about the declin­ing qual­i­ty on those. 😛 I can say that Aki­ra Kuro­sawa direct­ed a lot of good movies before his death, though.

  3. @Yi: I hate that too, espe­cial­ly when ani­me with real­is­tic-look­ing art styles have aired on Adult Swim before, and some igno­rant folks out there still accuse me of watch­ing kids shows (which I do, tech­ni­cal­ly, but that’s not what all ani­me is made up of).

    Good thing they’re not the peo­ple I hang around with. 😛

  4. I haven’t seen Per­sona yet but the char­ac­ter design of your main ban­ner is remind­ing me of them. 

    Any­way, always like your top tens and pret­ty much agree with every point. I hate the fact how peo­ple gen­er­al­ize the fan­dom into hen­tai and kids stuff. I mean, at least know what you are talk­ing about before form­ing an opin­ion! Btw, add in Sako­mo­to Maaya and Yui to the singers lists, who not only sound nor­mal but awe­some and can give any main stream singer a run for their money.

  5. @Kyokai: Close. They’re char­ac­ters from Kamen Rid­er W drawn Per­sona-style. 😛
    Yui is one of my favorite Japan­ese singers and I was intro­duced to Maaya Sako­mo­to through CCS, so I love her too. <3

  6. @Troy (トロイ): Is the selec­tion in your library bad or some­thing? xD Or do you mean that you wished your library was like the one shown in the pic­ture (tons and tons of manga)? 😛

  7. Squeeeee Phillip, Shotaro and Akiko loook sss­soooo cute there. 😀
    My friend would flip, she is a huge Masa­ki fan!

  8. I found the footage of the 3 idiots (akiko, phillip, shotaro.…now where’s my cook­ie) on google and I screamed “Holy ****!! They turn­ing W into an anime!!!!!”.….….….….…..

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