High School of the Dead 04

Handgun obtained

Will you take the Handgun?

Are you stu­pid, game? Of course I will!

Handgun ammo obtained

Will you take the Hand­gun Ammo?


Pedo teacher

Dear Diary, JACKPOT.

I grow old, they stay the same age.” — Shi­do Koichi.

The OTHER rea­son why he’s a high school teacher, besides the abuse of power.

Shaun of the Gas Station

Aha. Aha­ha. The gas sta­tion name says Shaun.

A good chunk of this episode was a recap. How dis­ap­point­ing. Most of the new mate­r­i­al takes place in a aban­doned gas sta­tion, which appar­ent­ly housed a rapist with bad teeth.


I admit, this scene was pret­ty hot if we for­get the fact that this is an assault.

Not a fan of Rei’s char­ac­ter, but I agree with Rapist-san. Fine.

Yeah, I’m con­vinced that the man­ga­ka orig­i­nal­ly worked on a lot of hen­tai now.

Let me have a squeeze.

Let me have a squeeze. GET AWAY FROM MY WOMAN, BASTARD.

Weapon upgrade turned Takashi into a badass. If Rei ever pon­ders about Hisas­hi lat­er in the series, I swear I’ll have the urge to slap her.

Karmic yet tragic death

Nor­mal­ly, you would­n’t feel sor­ry for a one-shot char­ac­ter of the day (who almost stuck his thug into the main hero­ine against her will), but see­ing that pho­to of him dur­ing the cred­its, liv­ing hap­pi­ly with his lit­tle sis­ter, tells me that he was a decent (and prob­a­bly nice) guy before this hor­ri­ble apoc­a­lypse. Mind­less fanser­vice aside, I like how this show is por­tray­ing dif­fer­ent types of insan­i­ty when humans are on the brink of despair.

7 thoughts on “High School of the Dead 04

  1. Not the best episode, but still nice to see Takashi and Rei get­ting along kind of. Was strange to see a recap so ear­ly maybe it was need­ed lol not sure.

  2. @foshizzel: Got along most of the episode. Kind of weird how the zom­bies did­n’t start com­ing while they were hav­ing that lit­tle argu­ment, though, or dur­ing that boo­by hostage scene. Rei has a pret­ty loud voice…

  3. Lol I was think­ing the same thing why did­n’t the zom­bies show up dur­ing all of that, maybe they were sit­ting back watch­ing xD

  4. @foshizzel: …Pos­si­bly. xD One zomb­i­fied vil­lager in Res­i­dent Evil 4 was chill­ing in the bath­room until I rude­ly barged in with my sub­ma­chine gun. Maybe they’re not the bad guys, we are! 😛

  5. They just live in a dif­fer­ent type of soci­ety! It’s much more peace­ful; see how none of the zom­bies fight against each other?
    I did­n’t see the end­ing pic­ture of him dur­ing the cred­its; where was it? Like which side O_o

  6. @Mushyrulez: http://img46.imageshack.us/img46/7387/happymaniacishappy.png
    I’ve noticed that they update the end­ing cred­its every episode with pic­tures of the peo­ple that die in those episodes, liv­ing their lives before the apoc­a­lypse. Like last episode, where they added that one chick and her boyfriend in the end­ing credits.
    (Yeah, every “edit com­ment” plu­g­in I’ve tried was nev­er com­pat­i­ble with this blog’s theme. Many apologies!)

  7. Per­son­al­ly I think that They might have heard them but they were too far away at the begin­ning of the fight, then Takashi throw­ing the bat made a more echo­ing sound mak­ing even more of Them come to inves­ti­gate the sound. But that’s just my opin­ion I guess.

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