K‑ON!! 15

Sparkly Heaven


...is sparkly


On the brink of death, I saw a glimpse of heaven.

Not much hap­pened in this episode. Of course, it’s K‑ON!!, but that’s why I like it.

Meido Marathon

Azun­yan~ run­ning in a mei­do out­fit? I approve.

I love Sawa-chan’s ideas.

Munch Munch

God dammit, Yui. Now I’m tempt­ed to sneak a bite out of the rice cakes sit­ting on my kitchen table right now.


That’s some rock sol­id maru­mochi, there. Nevermind!

Nice oba-chan

The granny next door is such a nice lit­tle old lady. Nice old ladies are nice.

No sicko.


One way to inspire Yui to try hard­er: hav­ing no moar rice cakes.

I laughed out loud at the slow-motion flash­back in reverse. The last episode should be the whole series sped up in reverse.

She's going, she's going!

Niiiisuuuuu finish

Sec­ond best part of the episode? Mio trip­ping and hav­ing an epic fin­ish. Would have giv­en her a 10 if she did a bar­rel roll.

(First best part was Azun­yan~ run­ning into the room with a “:D” on her face. ;D)

Episode need­ed more Azun­yan~. This is K‑ON!! with two excla­ma­tion marks, after all, not K‑ON! with that sin­gle pathet­ic mark!

3 thoughts on “K‑ON!! 15

  1. @Yi: Every­thing needs more Azunyan~
    I feel sor­ry for Mio though. She has real­ly bad luck. 😛

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