K‑ON!! 16



Azun­yan makes a come­back. I got my wish! Like episode five and episode thir­teen, this episode ter­ri­bly kind­ly ser­viced me.

(EDIT: Edit­ing the url for this post caused me to make a triple post on the Anten­na. Many apolo­gies. T_T)

Oh noes

I miss Azun­yan throw­ing tatrums, but this is fine too.

Azusa real­iz­ing she’s tak­ing in her sen­pai’s bad habits caus­es her to make some pret­ty epic faces dur­ing the episode. I love it!

Sad Mugi

Mugi makes some pret­ty epic faces too. She’s been real­ly awe­some lately.

We need more Azun­yan × Mugi inter­ac­tion! I loved see­ing it in this episode. It’s like the Rit­su × Mugi episode we had a while back. Now all we need is a Yui × Mugi and Mio × Mugi episode (no, yuri fans, I’m not refer­ring to ship­ping… this time).

Giggly Azunyan

A gig­gly Azun­yan is fine too.

KyoAni real­ly knows how to pull on my heart­strings, don’t they? And I’m not talk­ing about Air here.

Stu­pid moé. It’s not like I like you or anything…



Behold the pow­er of Azun­yan’s “mis­sion failed” face. We’ll be see­ing it once more time, I’m sure of it!

The Azunyan Stare


Mio gets the Azun­yan Stare. It’s not sur­pris­ing that putting on her focused face would fail to make her look more intim­i­dat­ing, but rather, increase her cute­ness twofold. Deter­mined Azun­yan ftw!

Poor Azun­yan~.

Azunyan's tea

Azun­yan’s tea

Azun­yan’s tea. We did­n’t get to see her make it. ):

Annoyed Azunyan

Annoyed Azun­yan~ looks way too cute. 

It makes you want to annoy her even more! Mis­sion failed, Azunyan.

Cute high school girls


Lit­tle elementary~middle school boy. A bunch of cute high school girls greet him at his doorstep. He goes back to the bathroom.

I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination.



Aside glance at the cam­era? Shit, Azun­yan’s onto me. *flus­ter­ing flustering*

Oh, nev­er­mind, she was just grab­bing some mag­a­zines.  Stop mak­ing fun of me, KyoAni!

Procrastination face

This is my face right now.

Speak­ing of pro­cras­ti­na­tion, I have an 8‑page essay due tomor­row… And I’m busy sit­ting here, watch­ing and blog­ging about K‑ON!!.


I knew it!

Mis­sion failed face! See? I told you so.

Handyman Azunyan

But a hard­work­ing and com­pas­sion­ate Azun­yan is fine too!  I DAAAAAW’d @ Azun­yan’s soft spot for Ton-chan.

They still need to prac­tice though, god dammit!

Chipmunk Yui

Yui’s chip­munk face gets me all the time.

Flustered Azunyan

Nervous Azunyan

Wandering eyes

Ner­vous Azunyan~

lol @ Azun­yan argu­ing over what her chara real­ly is.

Yui is absolute­ly cor­rect. Azun­yan~ is Azun­yan~. That’s the way things will always be, and that’s the way we like it.

Azunyan playing with her feet

I have no idea why I took a screen­shot of Azun­yan play­ing with her feet.  Prob­a­bly because I was mes­mer­ized by KyoAni’s atten­tion to detail with the small­est of things.

Yeah. Th-…That’s right.

Can I has stickers

Yui: “Can I has stickers?”

Can’t blame Yui for abus­ing her stick­ers through­out the whole episode. I’m also pret­ty unstop­pable when some­one gives me a whole pack­et of stick­ers. Sir, you just gave these weapons to the wrong person!



Nekomi­mi Waitress

I usu­al­ly use my pil­low when­ev­er I’m play­ing a hor­ror game in the dark. When­ev­er I use it while watch­ing K‑ON!!, it’s for a whole dif­fer­ent rea­son. This series is giv­ing me dia­betes… not that I mind. 😛

Haven’t seen Azun­yan~ wear­ing those cat ears in a long time. Get to work and ser­vice me, KyoAni!

2 thoughts on “K‑ON!! 16

  1. I was mes­mer­ized by KyoAni’s atten­tion to detail with the small­est of things.”

    The ani­ma­tion and pro­duc­tion val­ues for K‑On!! are so amaz­ing. Even though noth­ing much is actu­al­ly hap­pen­ing, it sure is nice to look at!

  2. @Mint: Yup! K‑ON!! may not be as hec­tic as oth­er ani­me out there, but it’s very well-made and it sure does make me hap­py watch­ing it. 😛
    btw, con­grats on being the 666th com­menter on my blog… or maybe not? ): xD

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