My thoughts on One Manga and Manga Fox getting shut down

where be muh manga

Oh well. They were pret­ty con­ve­nient sites when­ev­er I was on a bud­get or in a hur­ry for some good man­ga read­ing. Not that big of a loss, at least for me. Grant­ed, it was fun brows­ing through ran­dom titles and read­ing what­ev­er looked inter­est­ing immediately.

As long as they don’t purge the whole inter­net of scan­la­tion sites, I’m cool with this. That kind of move would be one of the most retard­ed moves the man­ga indus­try could ever make. I know a good amount of peo­ple (includ­ing me) that like to read unli­censed titles before they hit the Unit­ed States, to make sure we like it or not, before buy­ing (in extreme cas­es, some titles don’t get licensed at all). Noth­ing beats hold­ing the actu­al man­ga books!

I can under­stand the Japan­ese man­ga indus­try inter­ven­ing, since a good amount of bas­tard-fans over there like to pirate raw scans and scan­la­tions despite hav­ing access to those products.

Man­ga isn’t even that expen­sive in Japan, com­pared to the DVDs and video games. It’s not even expen­sive at all. They’re cheap­er than man­ga books in the Unit­ed States. Way to poten­tial­ly screw some of us over. ):<

16 thoughts on “My thoughts on One Manga and Manga Fox getting shut down

  1. As long as they don’t touch Man­ga­traders and Tokyo Toshokan, i’m good to go.

    Seri­ous­ly, the man­ga sec­tion in my coun­try’s book­stores bare­ly fills two short rows…mostly Bleach, Naru­to and Poke­mon. Bleh!

    Why, WHY is there no legit online dis­tri­b­u­tion of trans­lat­ed man­ga chap­ters from the pub­lish­ing hous­es? Just copy the iTunes and Steam mod­el. With DRM even.

    Y’know the Japan­ese pub­lish­ers can use a real­ly strong anti-scan­late strat­e­gy by only using nar­row­er (ver­ti­cal) speech bub­bles and ask­ing their man­ga-ka to draw the char­ac­ters in such a way that if the scan­la­tors shop in wider/bigger bub­bles (to accom­mo­date hor­i­zon­tal writ­ing) the result­ing image pan­els will look horrible.

    Then they can sell a re-drawn west­ern ver­sion on a lat­er date.

  2. Speak­ing of which, do you know any online retail­ers of Japan­ese man­ga that ship over­seas for rea­son­able prices? IIRC is at least 20 bucks for out-of-Japan ship­ping T_T

  3. @CorporateRat: They have tons of those ser­vices, dude. Yen Press charges $3 a month to read some Square Enix man­ga. Viz has Shon­en Sun­day and this:
    I believe Tokyo Pop has some online man­ga and Square Enix is plan­ning on open­ing some Dig­i­tal Store for the Unit­ed States this Fall.
    Raiga: Only site I know that sells Japan­ese man­ga cheap to Unit­ed States cit­i­zens is eBay. Some of them appear to have the orig­i­nal price plus about $5 to $7 ship­ping (so far, when­ev­er I browse FMA, don’t know about oth­er series, though). Bet­ter than $20+, right? 😛

  4. I was sad to see One man­ga get shut down did­n’t know about the oth­er one too! doh where to read my man­ga now…guess I have to buy it?! noooo!!!

    They should do a sub­scrip­tion fee thing pay 10bucks get x amount of manga..or some­thing dig­i­tal Down­load sites!

  5. @foshizzel: They do have that kind of ser­vice for some series. IDK, it would be a good move to make most of their titles dig­i­tal with sub­scrip­tion fees, since that’s in high demand, but per­son­al­ly I pre­fer read­ing man­ga the reg­u­lar way, if you know what I mean. 😛

  6. Eh, far as I know noth­ing’s hap­pen­ing to Man­gafox. It’s just a mat­ter of time though…

    …bet­ter get those flight tick­ets ready 😛

  7. @Mushrulez: Yeah, they’ve start­ing remov­ing a ton of their man­ga. A pirat­ing site sit­u­at­ed in Chi­na is nev­er a good thing to be when there’s a war on scan­la­tions going on… It’s only a mat­ter of time. 😛

  8. Maybe this will get peo­ple up and actu­al­ly buy­ing man­ga now.…hopefully. I just hope they do not pull some dick move and raise the prices again T_T 

    Either way, I half way pleased the sites were shut down..though I must con­fess I used them as well for quick reading.

  9. @Kairu90: If they do, I’m going to resort to find­ing con­tacts on how to find Japan­ese man­ga for their cheap orig­i­nal prices.
    Heard that some of these sites tried to leech some rev­enue from their users. If that’s the case, I’m kind of glad too. That’s a hor­ri­ble thing to do with oth­er peo­ple’s scan­la­tions that they release to the pub­lic for free.

  10. Ya, man­ga is half the price in Japan com­pared to the US. I don’t think the US pub­lish­ers need to make the qual­i­ty of the man­ga mate­r­i­al any dif­fer­ent either, feels just fine when com­pared to the Japan­ese versions. 

    It’s sad to see them go, I’ve picked up quite a few titles because of them and was some­thing nice to see every once in a while. 

    There’s a cou­ple places where I live that sell used Japan­ese man­ga but the prices are about the retail val­ue in yen if new. I know they buy back books at super low prices too ^^;;.

  11. @AS: I can see why they’re super cheap in Japan. Most kids and busi­ness folks like to buy man­ga for some light-read­ing the bus. I hear they got vend­ing machines for Jump man­ga over there too.
    Yeah, One Man­ga actu­al­ly inspired me to buy titles I’d nev­er thought I would want to buy.
    Some­times I get the feel­ing that this war on scan­la­tions (in Japan’s case) has noth­ing to do with the low­ered sales, but the prices… Man­ga­ka prob­a­bly get more mon­ey than the pub­lish­ing com­pa­nies due to the roy­al­ties (if the series gets big enough to span ani­me, video games, and what­not). I’m not exact­ly an expert on this, but yeah, just speculating.

  12. well, it’s cheap to in my area, that’s why I kin­da sur­prised to see a man­ga cost around $10 in Toky­opop, while we could buy a com­ic book (man­ga) around $1-$2 here.

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