Black★Rock Shooter (OVA)

Black Rock Shooter

Where did you go?

And it looked so easy on K-ON!!

A major com­plaint peo­ple have with this OVA is the fact that it skipped between the real “slice-of-life” world and the action-packed “Black Rock Shoot­er” world dur­ing the whole sto­ry. Basi­cal­ly, peo­ple who watched it were con­fused and did­n’t get it because things weren’t tak­ing place chrono­log­i­cal­ly to begin with.

Can you hear my voice?

How much longer must I scream?

Unlike oth­ers, it was clear to me that they weren’t going to spoon-feed me the plot. Instead, I let it all piece togeth­er as I watched the film. It cer­tain­ly felt like this OVA was aim­ing to do just that. Why do Black Rock Shoot­er and the Death Mas­ter look like Mato and Yomi? What do their bat­tles have to do with the drift­ing friend­ship between these two girls? All the answers slow­ly came togeth­er as I watched.

At the same time, I took in the gor­geous ani­ma­tion and sound work, enjoy­ing the high pro­duc­tion val­ues and the artis­tic side of this ani­ma­tion. The oth­er dimen­sion made me feel as if I was watch­ing Toki o Kakeru Shōjo again.

Not to men­tion, the check­ered back­grounds were yum!

How many more tears shall I shed?

Every­one knows how it feels when your best friend seem­ing­ly leaves you out in favor of anoth­er per­son, sure­ly? It’s not exact­ly an orig­i­nal idea for a sto­ry, but just because it was­n’t orig­i­nal does­n’t mean it’s bad.

Admit­ted­ly, the sto­ry that we’re giv­en in this OVA lacked any in-depth expla­na­tions, but it was all writ­ten to fit into fifty min­utes of ani­ma­tion. You thought a fifty minute OVA was going to be a mas­ter­piece? I’ve learned to stop giv­ing myself up to hype, and oth­er peo­ple should do so too. Or else you’ll start watch­ing some­thing that isn’t even bad and feel immense­ly dis­ap­point­ed for nothing.

I won't reach any further into the distance...

to the boundaries of the dawn-kissed sky

Besides, any Trope Savvy indi­vid­ual would real­ize all of the Sequel Hooks they slipped into this OVA. You’d be blind if you did­n’t notice. Sure­ly, there’s more to come. All the unan­swered plot threads and the way this OVA end­ed makes it obvi­ous that there’s going to be some type of sequel. 

And frankly, I would­n’t mind revis­it­ing this beau­ti­ful world a cou­ple of more times. 😛 I loved how they slipped in an instru­men­tal ver­sion of the Black★Rock Shoot­er song dur­ing BRS and Mato’s fusion.

13 thoughts on “Black★Rock Shooter (OVA)

  1. @Troy (トロイ): The unan­swered things that hap­pened in this OVA (such as the appear­ances of “Black★Gold Saw” and “Strength”) and the cliffhang­er end­ing pret­ty much says they’re gonna make a sequel.
    If you pay atten­tion to the train scenes, you’ll notice a girl that looks like “Black★Gold Saw”, pret­ty much say­ing that some­thing big was going on in this OVA’s world. Her rel­e­vance to the sto­ry was also nev­er revealed. The sto­ry has room for expansion. 

  2. @Mikoto: I did notice the girl on the train and i don’t know… I just think that if it was a short series they would have been able to tell the sto­ry a bit bet­ter instead of hav­ing to stuff it all into 50 mins. I was look­ing online and there are a lot more char­ac­ters that did­n’t make it into the OVA and if it was a series they could have been brought in! I know there will prob­a­bly be a sequel but i think one that fol­lows the same non lin­ier “world jump­ing” for­mat that this one did would not work well.

  3. @Troy (トロイ): The world jump­ing seemed like some­thing cre­ative they’d try to do intro­duce us to the sto­ry with the oth­er selves. I thought it was pret­ty artis­tic if it was only done here. The unused char­ac­ters only sup­port my pre­dic­tions for upcom­ing TV sequels or more OVAs.
    Kind of reminds me of the old Sky Girls OVA, only I enjoyed this one a lot more and hard­ly enjoyed that one at all. 😛 If they did­n’t con­tin­ue it, I’d be pret­ty dis­ap­point­ed, but I’m still glad I enjoyed it despite its shortcomings.

  4. Great ani­ma­tion and awe­some sound­track can’t wait to see if any Ost’s come out for this, the sto­ry was a bit out there for me but you slow­ly get an idea as to what is going on.

    Would love to see the next ova explain a bit more on what the oth­er girls were, some one com­ment­ed on this being cute like K‑on and a bit like Bleach, I kind agree to a bit of that.

  5. I would­n’t mind revis­it­ing either. Agreed that it seems so like­ly that Yuu will get her time too in the spotlight.

  6. @foshizzel: The ani­ma­tion and music were great! I can see where the K‑ON! com­par­i­son comes from dur­ing the slice-of-life bits: Mato remind­ed me of a mix of Yui and Rit­su, while Yomi remind­ed me of a mix of Mio and Mugi. I can’t see the Bleach com­par­i­son, though. I guess the way they han­dle their weapons is KIND of similar…
    @Yi: Yup. Way too much fore­shad­ow­ing with her to not have a sequel. 🙂

  7. The OVA was quite enjoy­able. I hope they do make a sequel. I did the same as you and just watched until the end for the entire plot to unfold itself.
    I did kind of enjoy the skips between Slice of Life and action. It was a very inter­est­ing con­trast that even the worlds them­selves showed. 

    I have to say one thing.….Dead Mas­ter has grav­i­ty defy­ing hair.…or either a TON of hairspray.

  8. like Black Rock Shoot­er to the max, and I real­ly hope “Koko­ro” from Kagamine Rin also made for OVA.

    First, I thought this OVA will be a stand­alone, but it seems there will be con­tin­u­a­tion for this.

  9. Hel­lo!! I’m a fan of black rock shoot­er (I do not know the video game A0V the Lim­it­ed Time Offer) (I’m french) I real­ly like the images of the arti­cles espe­cial­ly the girl with blue eyes she is very pret­ty! ! The girl with green eyes has made ​​me think of my friend I do not know why.
    (I’m sor­ry if my Eng­lish is not correct)


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