High School of the Dead 05

Don't fucking mess with him

Hira­no’s a fuck­ing badass! Don’t ever mess with the cre­ator of Hells­ing.

This episode had the best zom­bie-killing scenes, hands down.

Chin rub

Just as planned

Chin rub­bing. You know the rules.

Are these kids stu­pid? He just marked his ter­ri­to­ry! They all just became his bitch­es.

Also, can you say… “orgy bus”?

I'd stick my Pokemon in their Pokeballs

Too bad all three of the hot girls left the bus.

Oh yeah, and one Kou­ta.

Not gonna be fun watch­ing (about) four guys get­ting it on with two below-aver­age girls, Shi­dou. *Sausages* out­num­ber the qual­i­ty *kit­tens*… er, unless you swing that way. I’m pret­ty sure Shi­dou swings that way.

Ganguro girl fetish

I has gan­guro girl fetish

Out of all the deaths of the minor civil­ians so far, this has to be one of the most piti­ful­ly sad ones. And I empha­size the piti­ful.

Looks like the author­i­ties aren’t gonna go easy on a bunch of juve­nile delin­quents, espe­cial­ly dur­ing a zom­bie apoc­a­lypse. Kind of messed up how they were dropped into the ocean that high up, though.

Highway 666

The zom­bies are frig­gin’ com­ing and the road is blocked off by the cops.

Why could­n’t this be high­way “777”?



Yes. Yes. Hira­no deserved the gun way more than Takashi.



mar­ry me

omg Saeko is fck­ing hot, I WANT HER TO BEAR MY CHILDREN. T_T

Work of art

Work of art

Let’s all take a moment and admire the amount of detail Mad­house puts into their ani­ma­tion. Mhm­m­mm… yes.

Kouta will get some soon enough

And this is where I start to ship this pair­ing. A badass gun freak like Kou­ta deserves to get some of the pink-haired, fanged megane tsun­dere.

Things are just bet­ter that way. =D

Hueg tank

The van is thi­i­i­i­i­i­i­i­i­i­is big.”

Stop exag­ger­at­ing, you stu­pid sen­sei. Your friend’s tank isn’t that big.

insert drool here

It’s much small­er. Of course, that’s just the way I lik-…

It's not that great

…oh, you meant this.

Some­how, I feel a lit­tle diap­point­ed…

Action girl

The action girl…


The tsun­dere…

Jealous girlfriend

The jeal­ous girl­friend…

Slutty teacher

The slut­ty teacher…

I hope this does­n’t turn into a zom­bie harem show… er, I mean, harem in a zom­bie show.

Of course, the for­mer tech­ni­cal­ly has the pos­si­bil­i­ty of hap­pen­ing.

Rei discovers she's a les

NEXT EPISODE: Some­thing hot hap­pens (nsfw). It’s prob­a­bly gonna be cen­sored like hell, though.

Not much hap­pened in this episode oth­er than the two groups reunit­ing and leav­ing that loony teacher with his lit­tle pets. As long the next episode has a hot bath scene, I can care less about the qual­i­ty of the show. It bet­ter be good.

It sure is hard being a teenag­er.

6 thoughts on “High School of the Dead 05

  1. I dun­no, I believe that scene hap­pened. Was it sup­posed to hit any vital parts? Because he did do that, but it did­n’t kill him.

  2. [spoiler]well in the man­ga, hira­no missed stick­ing a nail on that per­v’s cheek then rant­i­ng on how much oppressed he was when he was still liv­ing a nor­mal life just because that teacher would just let him be bul­lied. guess i have to wait awhile before this gets subbed by my sub group pref­er­ence XD[/spoiler]

  3. Yeah, that hap­pened.

    And I must say, that was AWESOME. Bul­lies get what they deserve — pants full of piss. xD

  4. @Troy (トロイ): Very! This episode was kind of slow too, but at least we got a badass zom­bie slaugh­ter unlike the last episode. 😛

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