Shiki 04

This shit is tense

The look on Nat­suno’s face sums up my thoughts. Damn, this show is doing a good job at mak­ing me tense, espe­cial­ly this episode.

Return of the dead!

God dammit

I guess it was­n’t that bad get­ting stalked by some hot chick every night. Nat­suno should have went for it.

Now that she’s a vam­pire, I’m guess­ing that isn’t the case anymore.

Ugh, just bite him already, go away, and stop being creepy!

Creepy little girl in Seishin's secret base

Did I men­tion how much I hate creepy lit­tle girls? Oh, yeah.

Creepy lit­tle girl, wan­ders around at night due to a “dis­ease” pre­vent­ing her from going out in the sun, talks about death in the most unnerv­ing sense, and has big shad­owy eye­balls. My moth­er taught me nev­er to judge peo­ple by their looks. Total­ly not a vam­pire.

Seishin, you idiot. Get out the stakes and cross­es! And maybe an AK-47 for good measure.


I know he’s actu­al­ly straight and all, but some­thing still feels pret­ty off.



I thought they were vam­pires! What is this Ring shit?! F‑F-F-F-F-

He's pretty much...


He’s pret­ty much a goner.

I hate it when I’m right.

Fourth episode con­firmed many things. One, the main cause of the strange deaths in the vil­lage are vam­pires. Okay, any­one with half a brain already knew that, but what *I* did­n’t know was that these vam­pires make nasty crack­ling sounds when they move and can bend their necks in a vari­ety of nasty ways (only applies to Megu­mi, I guess…).

Two, the Kirishi­ki fam­i­ly seem to be like all the oth­er west­ern vam­pires in lit­er­a­ture and are unable to roam the vil­lage dur­ing the day.

Three, Megu­mi’s ever­last­ing affec­tion for Nat­suno seems to keep her from feast­ing on his blood. At least, for now.  “Yuu­ki-kun~”

Last­ly, Tohru’s death is inevitable. Alas, we knew ye well. Good luck with the date, btw. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Shiki 04

  1. I def­i­nite­ly had ringu effect from that Megu­mi scene too. And yeah, Tohru and Nat­suno are my OTP of Shi­ki! xD

  2. xd lat­er they say “they look the same as us” same my ass,I don’t have weird creepy look­ing eyes!

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