K‑ON!! 17


Even my hands turned yel­low!

[insert head scratch] Uh, what? Yui, I think you mean yel­lower. 😛

Battle Music

Out of place? Def­i­nite­ly in the looks depart­ment, but all phys­i­cal activ­i­ties need some kind of epic back­ground music going on!

Or else it’s just not right. You’re doing them a favor, Houk­a­go Tea Time.


I want muh animal songs

My love is black and white like a pan­da.

I can’t blame those fan­girls for open­ing a Mio fan club any­more. I just can’t.

Rit­su should have tak­en Mio to feed the deer when the senior girls went to Kyoto for that field trip. Mio fans all around the globe would have loved to see her pull a Tsukasa.

Bulletin board

Fridge logic

I believe actu­al stu­dents are the only ones legal­ly reg­u­lat­ed to join a high school club, Yui. She’s so adorably dense some­times all the time. (;

Though, I won­der what kind of club appli­cants they would get if they post­ed some­thing in the stu­dio bul­letin… because I have a vague idea. *shot*

Yui has a point

Well, she kind of has a point there. The stu­dio is pret­ty small.

…Man, her sis­ter spoils her way too much.

Doujin bait

In prop­er K‑ON! tra­di­tion, I smell strange dou­jins com­ing our way in about a week. orz

Inci­den­tal­ly, I do weird things in front of secu­ri­ty cam­eras too. Real­ly. It’s real­ly, real­ly, tempt­ing. Like, real­ly (okay, I’ll stop now). They need to learn how to hide that crap better.

Hey, don’t tell me I need to learn some restraint!

I can't has tea

Mugi: I can’t has tea?


Detective Mugi

I get the feel­ing that Mugi is real­ly into detec­tive nov­els. That, or she’s prac­tic­ing what the com­mon­ers call “pla­gia­rism.”


Shy Azunyan

Shy Azun­yan~ read­ing lyrics? <3


Happy turtle is happy

Hap­py tur­tle is happy.

Displeased girls are displeased

Dis­pleased girls are displeased.

Azunyan~‘s love for Ton-chan is so. Effin’. Cute.

Yui, Rit­su, Mio, and Mugi dis­ap­proved, but *I* approve. Definitely.


Yui's head is huge

Was it just me or did some weird opti­cal illu­sion make Yui’s head look extreme­ly big dur­ing this scene?

The again, the screen­shot above looks kind of nor­mal to me now. The hell?! o_o

Opening shot

This looked like one of those clos­ing group shots that Kyoto Ani­ma­tion reg­u­lar­ly puts in their K‑ON! openings.

yandere on the inside

Ui’s obses­sion and idol­iza­tion of her sis­ter is start­ing to wor­ry me. It feels like she can go yan­dere on the oth­er girls any minute if they ever put Yui down in front of her face.


I can't has full credit?

Yui: I can’t has full credit?




I’m still sur­prised by how much Ui looks like Yui with her hair down. I haven’t seen a fam­i­ly resem­blance this extreme since Drag­on Ball where all three men of the fam­i­ly had the same face. And you’re try­ing to tell me that they’re not twins?

Inci­den­tal­ly, my lit­tle broth­er and I used to look like twins when we were below the age of ten. My sis­ter looks like a female ver­sion of me when I was a tod­dler. What is this?! The Goku syn­drome is plagu­ing my fam­i­ly too!

Touching scene

Despite Yui sound­ing total­ly depen­dent on her sis­ter in her lyrics, it’s a pret­ty heart­warm­ing scene to see Yui act­ing like some­thing that actu­al­ly resem­bles an old­er sister. 😛

FMA reference?

I won­der if KyoAni delib­er­ate­ly tried to remind me of FMA with this shot of Yui (and just a few weeks after it end­ed too!).

Timid Mio

Mio will nev­er suc­ceed in being the mature girl of the group.

Does­n’t she make you want to say “Awww, I want to take her home with me?” 😛


I /facedesk’d too @ KyoAni’s attempt to make us think Mio is mov­ing in the next episode pre­view, when it’s just most like­ly her just get­ting a lead part in a play.

Nice try. But you can’t fool me!

2 thoughts on “K‑ON!! 17

  1. >Rit­su should have tak­en Mio to feed the deer when the senior girls went to Kyoto for that field trip. Mio fans all around the globe would have loved to see her pull a Tsukasa.

    Or a Shi­no. The deer rapes her too. And they have the same seiyuu.

  2. @SSS: They also look kind of similar.
    All three of them of them should have a crossover trip to Kyoto and feed the deer.
    It would be awesome.

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