NGE scene that doesn’t work out in *any* language

Soryu/Shikinami Langley Asuka

NGE fans are sure to remem­ber this scene, espe­cial­ly if they watched the Eng­lish or Ger­man dubs. Asu­ka speak­ing Ger­man and “Japan­ese” in three dif­fer­ent lan­guage ver­sions: Japan­ese, Eng­lish, and Ger­man.

Accord­ing to Ger­man fans, Yuko Miya­mu­ra’s Ger­man sounds ter­ri­ble and incom­pre­hen­si­ble. Giv­en Asuka’s Ger­man descent and the fact that she was raised in Ger­many, it makes no sense for her Ger­man to sound so terrible.

The Eng­lish dub is also pret­ty strange. While her Ger­man is much bet­ter com­pared to the Japan­ese ver­sion, Asu­ka says Shin­ji is think­ing in Japan­ese and says they’re switch­ing back to Japan­ese… while speak­ing in Eng­lish. ADV could­n’t make her say “Eng­lish” with­out bend­ing Shin­ji’s nation­al­i­ty in some way, of course, which is under­stand­able. Doing so would make Asu­ka flu­ent in Eng­lish also, which would… gaaaahhh.

The Ger­man dub is the most hilar­i­ous one. EVERYTHING is in Ger­man, so when Asu­ka says they’re switch­ing the lan­guage back to Japan­ese, they’re still speak­ing in German.

Is your mind blown yet?

Some­times, things aren’t meant to make sense in ani­me. This was one of those moments where you had to kick log­ic to the curb. Because no mat­ter how much you think about it, it will nev­er work itself out. The best solu­tion is to shrug it off, laugh, and con­tin­ue to enjoy the show.

Enough with my Ger­man ram­bling: SWITCH LANGUAGE BACK TO JAPANESE.

3 thoughts on “NGE scene that doesn’t work out in *any* language

  1. I love your blog…but.…no my head hurts!!!! Just go back to Japan­ese with Eng­lish dubs for me *cov­ers my ears* I am so confused!!!

  2. @Kairu90: Watch­ing a lot of Nazi war movies, I can still hear the hor­ri­ble accent that the Japan­ese seiyuu has when speak­ing Ger­man, so this scene will always be a lan­guage mind­fuck for me no mat­ter what. lol
    Also, I think you mean “subs”. lol

  3. eng­lish spo­ken in NGE (that is in it’s native lan­guage) sounds equal­ly as fun­ny, they sound so robot­ic. the episode of gen­shiken with the amer­i­can girls are also laugh out loud fun­ny, what ter­ri­ble english.

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