Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi 06

Cute Ryouko

This looks sur­pris­ing­ly cute. ;D

This week’s episode was much more inter­est­ing than the last ones; most­ly because it focus­es on the three char­ac­ters I actu­al­ly give a crap about in this show.

We get a look at how Ringo and Ryouko met, as well as Ryoushi solid­i­fy­ing his resolve to become a stronger man for Ryouko. Hm, Ringo and Ryouko rem­i­nisced about their mid­dle school days while I was busy at my mid­dle school reunion yes­ter­day? How fitting.

Pro tip: We should know by now that this ani­me hard­ly resem­bles the fairy­tales it alludes to in its episode titles.

Pouty Ryouko

This is what she looks on the out­side, the first pic is what she looks like on the inside.

Ryouko plays up the tsun­dere role pret­ty straight, but I like it. <3

Open wide for the train

Oh nom nom

I vague­ly remem­ber the wolf in The Lit­tle Red Rid­ing Hood eat­ing the lit­tle girl, not her porridge.

Ringo, I believe that por­ridge belongs to the Three Bears… on sec­ond thought, I can imag­ine Ringo knock­ing out a huge bear with her fists. What a scary loli.

Taiga crossover

Taiga, I believe you’re in the wrong show here.


I bet this kid feels like a douche for stand­ing there and watch­ing a cute girl get beat up by a bunch of punks.



Most heart­warm­ing moment in this episode: Ryouko get­ting a hug.


Doki doki

Cats are cute

In Japan, stalk­ing = romance.

I gave a big LOL at Ryouko doing all these girly things while no one was look­ing (to her knowl­edge). So cute!


Embar­rassed Ryouko = amus­ing facial expres­sion from me.

Ryoushi and Ryouko sitting in a tree


Yeah, my expres­sion was kind of like this. Only less awe­some. These guys are my heroes.

I can't has food

I can’t has food?

You can't has food

You can’t has food.

Nice legs

We’ve found the holy grail.

I approve

You, sir, have good taste.

Seems like Ryoushi has a leg fetish too. I knew the artists were going some­where with that!

Evil face

That's perverted

What a per­vert­ed boy.”

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