D•N•Angel Chapters 55–58


Where have I been these past two days? I’ve been get­ting back into the D•N•Angel man­ga, along with a ton of oth­er shou­jo man­ga. I had to marathon a lot of D•N•Angel chap­ters, since it took one long ass hia­tus and my mem­o­ry of it is pret­ty iffy.

I for­got how much this man­ga got me high on kawaii, espe­cial­ly with the Daisuke x Riku pair­ing. <3 Very good shou­jo man­ga. This def­i­nite­ly needs a new ani­me adap­ta­tion once Sug­isa­ki is fin­ished with the manga! =)

High on kawaii

My frig­gin’ OTP of this series. Riku and Daisuke are just so adorable togeth­er! They’re both real­ly shy around each oth­er too, which makes it even extra cute.

I have a feel­ing that the whole point of this arc is to give Daisuke the courage to ask Riku out to the dance. ;D


Pret­ty bold state­ment com­ing from the chick that begged Daisuke to grab her hat from the edge of a frig­gin’ cliff. </3

You're not helping yourself

Let’s start by not attract­ing atten­tion to your­self, Daisuke.

Not big enough

I’m also pret­ty sure you’re not large enough to cov­er Dark­’s reflec­tion too.

zomg it's Roxas


Unwarranted hatred

Who is this mir­ror boy and why do I have the sud­den urge to stick a thou­sand nee­dles into his spine? ):<

orite, his name is Roku­to. Looks like he dragged Daisuke into his world in order to have some kind of hawt three­some with the fake Riku.

…But hey, I’m just spec­u­lat­ing. The name Roku­to gives me some “gay shou­ta” vibes.


Rox­as Mir­ror boy is an ass­hole in this man­ga. He’ sure is hav­ing fun giv­ing Daisuke a mind­fuck in this world behind the mirror.

+10 points for Daisuke’s ZETSUBOU face while think­ing his rela­tion­ship with Riku is a delu­sion. He loves her that much, yo.

Raping tiem

Dark is alone with Satoshi, has a devi­ous look on his face, and is stand­ing in a very dark cor­ner look­ing like he’s ready to pounce.

Not a yaoi fan (at all), but if I did­n’t know any bet­ter, I would say: IT’S RAPING TIEM!

Not friends

Strike ten for ani­me real­ism. Friends don’t go after the same per­son roman­ti­cal­ly while hold­ing hands and skip­ping through a field of flowers.

Strike one for who­ev­er is behind this mir­ror world for think­ing up the most cliché sce­nario for Daisuke in this fake world.


Risa’s onto some­thing here. When the hell did Riku ever express any inter­est in Dark Mousy, let alone any roman­tic inter­est? Strike two for the fake world. Epic failure.

Maybe every­thing’s sup­posed to be backwards…

This is confusing

Aw, what a cru­el cliffhang­er. )= I need more chapters.

2 thoughts on “D•N•Angel Chapters 55–58

  1. NOOOOOO!!!!! more i need more or i can not live more i say MORE!!!! why did you stop there?!?!?! please tell me more will be up soon or i may just die!! i can’t wait to read more ^.^ 

    oh and by the way is this yaoi?? not to sound like yaoi is bad or any thing i love yaoi i was just won­der­ing.… oh and your doing a grate job keep it up!! >.< hehe

  2. …DNAn­gel is a man­ga about het­ero­sex­u­al peo­ple. The sec­ond pic­ture should tell you that.

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