High School of the Dead 06

Slutty teacher sex ftw

Drunk­en half-naked teacher tries to seduce a cou­ple of high school students.

At this rate, this blog will be 0% child-friend­ly. xD Beware of pret­ty extreme-look­ing fanser­vice after the jump.

Hirano's expression looks epic

Takashi’s facial expres­sions do not match up with what he’s doing to the teacher, while Kohta’s like “fuck, why aren’t I doing that right now?”

Kouta's life is now complete

Maybe a zom­bie apoc­a­lypse isn’t a bad thing at all if you’re sur­round­ed by hot chicks that are ready to give? ;D

Eh, maybe not. Oth­er types of infec­tions might spread — and I’m not talk­ing about zombies!

Big breasts vs. bigger breasts

I find it amus­ing that Rei is jeal­ous of Shizuka’s big tits when she has a pret­ty large pair her­self. Appar­ent­ly, it’s Hot­D’s equiv­a­lent of a flat chest…

The entire exis­tence of these female char­ac­ters is an excuse to have them grope each oth­er. It’s not real­ly hard to assume such a thing, based on the amount of mind­less fanser­vice we’ve seen so far. But as a healthy male, how can I claim not enjoy­ing it just a tad?

Big­ger screen­shot for con­ve­nient view­ing. *ahem*

Zombie loli

Just four words to describe the zom­bie loli:

Loli­cons don’t want it.

Pity sex

Rei’s apol­o­gy for being a bitch to Takashi: SMEXING HIM UP!

Don’t real­ly like her char­ac­ter. One minute she swoons over Takashi and the next she’s putting him down by com­par­ing him to her dead boyfriend. Make up your mind, woman! And when it feels like she’s final­ly redeemed her­self in the last few episodes, she decides to be a bitch again.

Would­n’t real­ly say “no” if I was in Takashi’s posi­tion, though. Oh nom nom. : — D


If you could­n’t tell by look­ing at Hira­no’s face, the heroes recieved new badass guns in this episode.

This new devel­op­ment was over­shad­owed by all the mind­less fanser­vice, though.


Does this mean there’s no zom­bie dogs in HotD?



It’s nice to know that some cops feel guilty about their immoral actions dur­ing this crisis.

R.I.P. ran­dom police chief.

This episode was most­ly just fap mate­r­i­al. Although, it was pret­ty inter­est­ing to see the police slow­ly dive into mad­ness. I won­der if the root of the infec­tion real­ly was the result of the gov­ern­ment pulling an Umbrel­la. My #1 rule of hor­ror-themed media: If it isn’t creepy, I expect it to have it explained to me.

Not suggestive

Next episode: Saeko sucks on a cucum­ber bit­ter mel­on. You WOULD think that’s suggestive. 😛

Next episode pre­view dis­turbed me because they made it sound like Azun­yan~ was get­ting loli-raped by her “onii-chan”. D: ‑shiv­er-

9 thoughts on “High School of the Dead 06

  1. That whole bath­tub play made me con­firm the fact that ani­me girls nev­er behave like nor­mal girls. I mean c’mon.… >.>

    Btw, that­s’s a bit­ter mel­on, not cucum­ber but wait, mel­on? I rest my case. >.>

  2. It’s a bit­ter mel­on? I always have those cut up in halves when­ev­er I eat soup every morn­ing and it’s usu­al­ly a lighter green, so maybe that’s why I did­n’t rec­og­nize it? LOL
    Thanks for the correction. 😛

  3. read­ing your anno­ta­tions cracks me up lool.. any­ways, just fin­ished watch­ing that episode .. cant wait till episode 7 😀

  4. @Iggy: My alter­nate text always aim to please! 😛
    Yeah, can’t wait for the next episode too. I’m enjoy­ing the series due to it being a clus­ter­fuck of zom­bie action, good ani­ma­tion, and fanser­vice (damn, any one else thinks Mad­house should ani­mate a hen­tai?). xD

  5. hehe i agree the ani­ma­tion its per­fect 😛 … erm mad­house ani­mat­ing a hen­tai.. loolz

  6. Hey, if their fanser­vice looks this good, imag­ine them going full out. xD
    Not that I actu­al­ly want them to do it. Don’t want one of my favorite ani­ma­tion com­pa­nies to tar­nish their image.

  7. Nice review have to agree imag­ine if they did go all out on oth­er projects lmao…I can see the Dvd’s now with bonus adult themed episodes or some­thing can only imag­ine what they have in store after this series ends.

    And I agree about your Rei com­ments she is messed up in the head..she can’t decide what to do!

  8. @foshizzel: Hope they shy away from fanser­vice-filled shows after this. HotD is cool and enter­tain­ing, but their more seri­ous projects tend to be some of the best.
    I think Rei’s a yan­dere pret­ty much ready to explode if any more girls flirt with Takashi. xD

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