K‑ON!! 18

Raping time

The major­i­ty vote for Mio as Romeo is just ask­ing for some dis­turb­ing spec­u­la­tions about the fan­tasies of Mio’s fans.

It’s cool that they can see the rather obvi­ous Slap Slap Kiss rela­tion­ship friend­ship between Mio and Rit­su, though. Even if I always thought Rit­su would be the man of the house.

Playful teasing Azunyan

We enjoy her

I see that Azun­yan~ is bliss­ful­ly enjoy­ing the pow­er of teas­ing the teas­er for once. (´ ▽ ‘)

Tree G is the most important part

So far, Yui is the only per­son I know that can take stride in play­ing the part of a tree — fic­tion­al or not. At least she’s work­ing hard. I want to see Ui praise her for the stu­pen­dous act­ing performance!

I’m actu­al­ly expect­ing Yui to mess up in one way or anoth­er. Yes, she’s play­ing a tree. That’s why.

Mio the adorable turtle

I want to be like Ton-chan.”

Mio’s days as the only sane mem­ber of the group seem like they were a decade ago.

Cute Ritsu? In my K-ON?

Cute Rit­su? In my K‑ON?

She should show this side of hers more often. Rit­su play­ing Juli­et does­n’t seem too much of a far-fetched idea after mak­ing all of these pouty faces! Embar­rassed Rit­su ftw.

Mio hug pillow

Mio hug pil­low~ Mio happy”

I’ve seen Mio hug-pil­lows, but I’ve nev­er seen Mio hug­ging a pil­low before. Quick, KyoAni, go and make ten more episodes con­sist­ing of Mio hug­ging things! You’ll make a fortune.

Cute waitresses

An Azun­yan~ and Yui wait­ress com­bo? Sor­ry ‘mam, my doc­tor does­n’t rec­om­mend that — I have high blood sugar.

KyoAni should make a set of inter­ac­tive spe­cials ded­i­cat­ed to Azun­yan~ wear­ing wait­ress out­fits in POV for­mat — they’ll make mil­lions off of me. /notcreepy

Max out your moe

I agree with Azun­yan~. That hair­style is not fit­ting for such a cute out­fit. If only Rit­su let her hair down dur­ing these moments! Then I’ll be like 。◕‿◕。 yea.

Pen mindfuck

It’s a pen. Sor­ry, I lied, it’s just string cheese. Just kid­ding, it’s actu­al­ly a pen.”


Reminds me of the cof­fee-mind­fuck scene in Tales of Sym­pho­nia (would be fun­nier in Japan­ese due to it sound­ing like Kam­i­na dick­ing around with Fate).

Moe moe kyun

I was hop­ing Mio would be forced to do a “moé moé kyun~” — or bet­ter yet, Azunyan~


Who are you people?!

Wait, these back­ground char­ac­ters have names? And expec­ta­tions? Well shit, I guess you bet­ter give us an awe­some per­for­mance next episode.

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