Shiki 05

RIP Tohru-chan

More plot-ori­ent­ed shows should add an ele­ment of sur­prise to their shows and drop the episode pre­views alto­geth­er like Shi­ki. We all know by now that episode pre­views usu­al­ly spoil the crap out of us.

Case in point: Dur­ing last episode’s cliffhang­er, I thought Tohru was going to die. At the start of this episode, it seemed like Shimizu attempt­ing to feast on his blood was all a dream, which made me relieved (because Tohru is cool). And then, they went ahead and sur­prised me by hav­ing him die any­way. I like it when shows do that to me, and if Shi­ki had an episode pre­view, I would prob­a­bly know for sure Tohru was going to die here.

Painful blowjobs

It’s been a long time since vam­pires actu­al­ly creep the shit out of me. A very long time.

J‑Horror meets vam­pires? Japan­ese yurei + west­ern vam­pires = Shi­ki? Seems to be the case to me. I like it.

Yeah, I’ll nev­er post about Shi­ki dur­ing the day. Watch­ing it at night adds to the atmos­phere of the show.


FINALLY, some­one shut this annoy­ing, creepy-faced brat up. It’s a very piti­ful thing for a grown man to be jeal­ous of his own nephew even when his nephew was prob­a­bly dying. Why was he even jeal­ous of his broth­er’s wife, any­way? Did he want to smex his broth­er up or something?

Props to the library vam­pire dude for hit­ting the nail on the cof­fin (pun intend­ed!). But wait, did­n’t they say he was pop­u­lar with the kids ear­li­er in the episode? Oh crap, does this mean he’s a pedo vampire?

6 thoughts on “Shiki 05

  1. So glad that emo kid died! agreed FINALLY!

    This show has the strangest and most unique char­ac­ter designs and hair..think thats the only thing I like about it so far the sto­ry is alright kin­da bor­ing in some spots.

  2. @foshizzel: Well, it’s atmos­pher­ic hor­ror so I don’t think much “excite­ment” will make it any bet­ter. The slow-pace is good for an ani­me of this nature and I think that it’s per­fect for a mys­tery-themed show. Makes it more creepy, imo. 

  3. @Fabrice Requin: Seri­ous­ly. Though it sucks that we might have an even creepi­er vam­pire on our hands. D:

  4. I also like that the vamp­ies are so classic,I think it is a per­fect show to watch if you need a soap to clean your­self from all the shi­ty mod­ern vam­pires that are pop­u­lar nowadays…

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