Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi 07

Shy Ryouko-chan

Ryouko reverts to her 13-year-old self after a hit in the head in the shal­low pool.

As expect­ed, Ryoushi enjoys his Ryouko dressed-up, shy, cute, and wet.

Over­all, it was an enter­tain­ing episode. I enjoyed see­ing Ryouko’s per­son­al­i­ty with­out the tsun in front of it. <3 I’m usu­al­ly not fond of the gener­ic amne­sia episode, but see­ing that side of Ryouko made things a lot bet­ter and eas­i­er to watch.


I remem­ber the days when the word “onii-san” did­n’t pro­voke per­vert­ed thoughts.

Oh wait, there were days like that?

Ryoushi can't handle this magnificent day

Judg­ing by his fan­boy­ish squeals, Ryoushi was­n’t pre­pared for this episode at all. Don’t wor­ry bro, we can all relate to you.

Eternal Pettanko

Once a pet­tanko, always a pet­tanko. I like it how some female char­ac­ters don’t real­ize that their flat-chests may be their main phys­i­cal draw.

Even though his eyes are cov­ered, I know where Ryoushi is star­ing. Seems like he has a leg fetish and a pet­tanko fetish.

Oh you

Ooooooooooh you.

See? Noth­ing can get past my eyes, Ryoushi. 😛

I just noticed that Ryoushi has a habit of adding “-suu” at the end of his sen­tences. What is he, some Japan­ese Prin­ny? inb4 you’re not a Dis­gaea fan and don’t get the joke.

Frolicking in the park

...with her boyfriend

Eyes cannot unsee

Ryouko frol­ick­ing in a park… with Ryoushi?


Frilly dresses

Princess dress­es…

Stuffed animals

…and stuffed animals.

All of this would be extreme­ly adorable and attrac­tive inter­ests for a 16-year-old girl (note: I’m 17). But we have to remem­ber, Ryouko just revert­ed to a 13-year-old mentality.

Seems like Ryoushi’s enjoy­ing his day of jus­ti­fied pedophil­ia. Oh you. 😛

Can I has cookie?

My heart just melted.

I like the extreme dif­fer­ences in tone between the voic­es of tsun­dere Ryouko and shy Ryouko. Good seiyuu ftw.


Ryoushi-san… I WANNA FEED YOU CUTIE. ^_^”

Idiot should have turned his head around for just a slight sec­ond. Of course, the rest of the episode would have nev­er hap­pened and she would be stuck like this for­ev­er, but hey, that might be a good thing for Ryoushi.

It's not like he likes me or anything


Slasher smile

Hit­su­jikai has a real­ly creepy slash­er smile. If Ryoushi does­n’t watch his back, I won’t put it below this guy to rape him too. ._.

Those sharp nails of his prob­a­bly comes in handy when it comes to that kind of trade… er, yeah.

This image looked cute before his hand scared her

Either Ryouko was still an open­ly shy and cute girl after the attempt­ed rape, or the reminder of the trau­mat­ic expe­ri­ence brought back her memories.


It’s always amus­ing to see Ryoushi’s clos­et­ed GARness.

Threat­en­ing some­one that you will hunt them down and slit their throat if they touch your woman the wrong way… yeah. Ryoushi would rather kill than to mope about his spe­cial per­son los­ing her vir­gin­i­ty via rape.

Both the Ryous have dou­ble-lay­ered per­son­al­i­ties. What a match.




We all know she’s secret­ly cher­ish­ing her dere moments with Ryoushi, whether she likes it or not.

Ringo is an evil genius.

She secretly enjoys this

Like all ani­me girls (except for Miku­ru Asahi­na), Ryouko prob­a­bly real­ly enjoys this. Secret­ly, of course.

Being called cute by Ryoushi is like a drug. A drug that she enjoys punch­ing the liv­ing day­lights out of.

She be lovin’ them neko ears.

Happily ever after

Moral of this fairy­tale: After one date, you’re mar­ried and she’s in the kitchen cook­ing deli­cious rice for you.

Seri­ous­ly though, what the HELL hap­pened dur­ing that date?! Every­thing took a 180 turn in the right direction…

6 thoughts on “Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi 07

  1. Although threat­en­ing the pres­i­dent [spoil­er] with a sling­shot [/spoiler] does­n’t exact­ly sound threat­en­ing, at least Ryoushi is will­ing to kill for his girl 😛

    And Itou Shizu­ka voic­ing 13 year old Ryouko for this episode was pure win. (≧∇≦)

  2. @Tsuki: Hey, he’s a hunter. Depend­ing on how he uses it, it might as well be threatening. 😛
    Yeah, it was great hear­ing such a soft voice com­ing out from Ryouko. xD

  3. @foshizzel: Episode was pret­ty much for fans who actu­al­ly like Ryouko and the RxR like us. x)

  4. @Mushyrulez: Plen­ty of ways, but I’m try­ing to avoid cer­tain stereo­typ­i­cal remarks, so I would rather not explain… 😛

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