Shiki 06


Final­ly, our two main char­ac­ters are slow­ly begin­ning to real­ize the true plague caus­ing the deaths in the village.

Unfor­tu­nate­ly for Nat­suno, cross­es prob­a­bly won’t do a thing against Shik­i’s vari­a­tion of vam­pires. That would be way too easy.

Time for the badasss doctor to get into action

Now that he knows what’s real­ly been killing his beloved patients, our res­i­dent Dr. Toshio will prob­a­bly have some­thing up his sleeve for the next batch of episodes. Giv­en this rev­e­la­tion and his ten­den­cy to give off some sort of badass aura, he’s prob­a­bly going to pull a Roy Mus­tang on us, Shi­ki-style.

(And holy shit, I just real­ized they’re both voiced by the same guy — well, at least in the first Full­met­al Alchemist adaptation)

Natsuno is screwed

I would feel more sym­pa­thy for her if she did­n’t keep on mak­ing those creepy faces.

Nat­suno, it was not a good idea to piss her off. He’s obvi­ous­ly going to be her next tar­get — let’s see how he gets out of this.

Can you say: female vam­pire raep?

That's just sick

I’m going to take a wild guess and say that the liq­uid with­in that glass isn’t apple juice.

No comment

I have a feel­ing our “vir­tu­ous” monk Seishin will fall prey to this loli vampire.

I mean that in var­i­ous ways.

Aw shit

These kids are pret­ty much screwed, unless Megu­mi still cares about them or some­thing and they get the Nat­suno treat­ment. I actu­al­ly have no idea how these vam­pires pick their tar­gets — the blue-haired guy obvi­ous­ly picks out fam­i­lies to prey on and I assume they slow­ly die one by one.  I hon­est­ly can’t wait to find out how their hunt­ing for­mu­la works.

EDIT: Do they even have inter­net in this vil­lage?! o_o The vil­lagers seem to heav­i­ly rely upon the library for their research. I’m pret­ty sure Nat­suno could have eas­i­ly found infor­ma­tion about the liv­ing dead from a search engine or something.

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  1. well the nov­el is old so I don’t there was inter­net at the time,ot at least not like nowa­days that its like a necesity

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