High School of the Dead 07

Don't cry Alice T_T

The most enjoy­able episode in this series so far. Yeah, that’s right. Maybe because this week’s episode was much more than an excuse to have the female char­ac­ters grope each oth­er. Oho­ho. ;D

Alice putting that flower on her father’s dead corpse, in par­tic­u­lar, pulled on my heart­strings. I guess I just have a soft spot for chil­dren who have lov­ing par­ents that would pro­tect them no mat­ter what. >;

Mood killer

I admit, I’m just a softy in gen­er­al. I was on the verge of break­ing into tears until they killed the mood with THIS (just a sec­ond after that sad scene). Sheesh. 😛



I still don’t get the deal with Rei. One episode, she’s hav­ing a total bitch fit and then in the next episode, she’s a per­fect­ly tol­er­a­ble char­ac­ter. It’s like she has a hard time decid­ing on which char­ac­ter trope she wants to be and stick­ing with it. This episode was a fine exam­ple of her being tol­er­a­ble; what with her :3 faces and all.

To be fair, this zom­bie apoc­a­lypse isn’t help­ing any­one psy­cho­log­i­cal­ly. Even the main char­ac­ters are strug­gling to keep what lit­tle human­i­ty they have left in this fight for survival.

I guess she makes up for her faults by being hot (lolololol), but the same could be said for any [female] char­ac­ter in this show.

You know you have wet dreams for him too

No, it’s not a night­mare. Tak­ag­i’s just hav­ing a wet dream about Kouta.

We all have wet dreams about Kouta.

Wrong side looks right to me

The wheel is on the wrong side!”

It looks fine to-… orite, East Asia. I kind of for­got for a minute there and assumed Shizu­ka was a dumb blonde. Which she kind of is, but you know what I mean. 😛

Hirano is the real hero of this show

Hira­no is the real hero of this show. Despite being the bul­let-crazy psy­cho (a LOVABLE bul­let-crazy psy­cho), he was the first per­son to jump on the “save the lit­tle girl” band­wag­on and said “screw you” to sur­vival, while STILL gain­ing the high­est kill count in this episode.

You know a char­ac­ter’s badass when he man­ages to get mul­ti­ple head­shots using a weapon he nev­er used before. The guy would have made a great gun-tot­ing super­hero in Kick-Ass.


Should have made her go in the bush­es before hop­ping on the edge of the wall.

To be fair, I would have pissed my pants too: walk­ing on a “tightrope” sur­round­ed by decayed corpses at the bot­tom… regard­less if I actu­al­ly need­ed to go or not. xD

The Zombie Killer Who leapt Through Time

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time ref­er­ence, anyone?

Yeah, Takashi’s a cool main char­ac­ter. Pret­ty com­pas­sion­ate guy, even through all the shit he has to go through. And god damn, that’s a nice jump. 

Takashi, despite what you think, you are indeed the main char­ac­ter of an ani­me. 8D Ani­me physics ftw.



Lucky land­ings! Poor Hira­no looks like a pedophile.

I knew they were going to do some weird shit now that a lit­tle girl’s in the cast. I’m just hop­ing they don’t play around with Alice’s inno­cence too much with dirty fanser­vice. She’s adorable! <3

God, I loved the insert and end­ing songs in this episode. They real­ly made the scenes more epic than they were sup­posed to be, which is say­ing a lot.

7 thoughts on “High School of the Dead 07

  1. Poor Hira­no looks like a pedophile

    I thought he is one… or am I just rid­ing the otaku bandwagon?

    I’m just hop­ing they don’t play around with Alice’s inno­cence too much with dirty fanservice

    [spoiler]I do hope they keep intact alice and hira­no’s duet of row, row, row your boat in the man­ga XD[/spoiler]

  2. This episode was an awe­some! Now that I’ve got­ten used to the fanser­vice, I did­n’t even roll my eyes. Loved Kou­ta as usu­al. Nobuyu­ki is my hero. xD

    Nice ref­er­enc­ing of the Girl Who Leapt Through Time (one of my favourites). ^^

  3. @Kyokai: I’m used to the fanser­vice by now too, but it still killed the mood when the boun­cy boobs came right after the sad scene. lol

  4. Only one ques­tion remains in mah mind:




  5. Great episode this week, agreed with you on Rei…whats her deal? ‑shrug-

    Loved the music dur­ing the episode dur­ing the cool action moments! great stuff =D

    Alice with a gun..hmm inter­est­ing too loll.

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