Emil Castagnier, Plue, & DaisukexRiku (Chibi Fanart)

It’s a school day and writer’s block calls for fanart dump.

Bonus 4koma (Strip #1. Yes, there will be more). An inside joke between the lazy co-writer (Steven) and I.

Emil Castag­nier (Tales of Sym­pho­nia ‑Knight of Ratatosk-)
Plue (Rave Mas­ter)
Daisuke/Riku (D•N•Angel) (ver­sion 2 has slight differences)

All done with a mouse on Man­ga Stu­dio EX 4.0. No tablets (every­thing would look bet­ter with tablets :P). Light­ly-col­ored for an extra inno­cent chibi effect. Enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Emil Castagnier, Plue, & DaisukexRiku (Chibi Fanart)

  1. I would kill for a tablet, man. I think my non-chibi art is much bet­ter. ): But I lack a scan­ner AND pic­tures drawn direct­ly in Man­ga Stu­dio with a tablet tend to come out bet­ter. ‑needs moar money-

  2. @Yi: Even his Ratatosk form looks cute in chibi form! Kind of hard to tell that it’s his Ratatosk form with­out his red eyes, though.

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