Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi 08

Saggy boobs

Sag­gy boobs.

What can I say? It’s a curse.

This old but­ler was a real female-savvy guy. What a wise man! ;w; Stand aside, ladies. Offen­sive or not, all of his remarks about women are cor­rect.

Ouch! Who threw that text­book at me?!

It's real this time

No, I did­n’t acci­dent­ly upload a screen­shot from anoth­er show.

AND NO, they did­n’t mess up Ryouko’s char­ac­ter design. Not this time, at least.


Loli? Falling in love with a shota? What’s this non-cougar­lolipedo shit in my ani­me? ლ(゚Д゚ლ) GASP

That's NOT normal...in real life

This episode was all filler. Grant­ed, I thought it was fun filler with the right amount of humor, but real­ly noth­ing else to com­ment about besides the girls hav­ing mood swings and the fact that absolute­ly no one com­ment­ed about how strange it was for a young boy to find a fiance out of a bunch of extreme­ly old­er women. It’s fun­ny because some of them seemed like they would have mar­ried the kid if the awe­some but­ler did­n’t point out their char­ac­ter flaws. 😛

Point: Hot for him; squicky for us.


Oh yes, and then we have that great shou­jo-ai scene they squeezed in as an apol­o­gy for the lack of impor­tant events.

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