Shiki 08

Don't let creepy little girls into your house

A mix of every­thing unset­tling. Creepy lit­tle Japan­ese preschool­er? Check. Angry ven­tril­o­quist girl with a pup­pet? Check. Creepy Japan­ese doll with dis­turb­ing teeth? Check.

Nat­suno’s fam­i­ly is screwed! Prob­a­bly not, but his moth­er real­ly fucked them over by let­ting that creepy lit­tle thing into the house.

I'm worried about YOU!

You should be wor­ried about your­self, Seishin. That loli looks like she’s out for some priest blood.

In all seri­ous­ness, I don’t know if I should feel sym­pa­thet­ic towards Sunako or just plained creeped out by the way she talks.

That's nice

That’s nice. Now get your hands off his face. And I mean NOW.


He pissed his pants

This is clear­ly the look of a man who had just pissed his pants. :3

The begin­ning of the coun­ter­at­tack against the vam­pires! Awe­some episode. The creepy lit­tle girl appear­ing at Nat­suno’s home was a great cliffhang­er. I just wished there were more Toshio in this episode — I’m pret­ty curi­ous about what he’s been up to regard­ing his own resis­tance against the “oki­a­gari”.

2 thoughts on “Shiki 08

  1. He isn’t breath­ing I so wait­ed for him to try mouth to mouth on the guy…Lol

    2 things I noticed lit­tle kid had bars on his bed, and the creepy doll Loli was the big wtf moment for me xD

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