Still stuck in Halloween (Ibitsu)


Holy effin’ balls. This is the creepi­est man­ga I’ve ever read. No bull­shit. Screw Hig­urashi. Screw Bat­tle Royale. Screw that High­school of the Dead BS. This is true hor­ror on black and white pages.

I rec­om­mend every­one to kill their lights and read this (unless you some­how man­age to get a hold of the actu­al book, in which case turn­ing off the lights will be fuck­ing stu­pid). This will make you piss your pants if you hap­pen to have a lit­tle sis­ter. Why, you ask? Read it and it will ALL make sense to you. I’m not tak­ing out the trash EVER again.

(Yeah, I did­n’t fin­ish blog­ging the sum­mer sea­son. Sue me. My pri­or­i­ties at the moment are: col­lege prep stuff > video games > ani­me. Too bad they’re not in the order in which I would pre­fer them to be. As an apol­o­gy, here’s a fun­ny video Steven showed me, which he found on VG Cats (wait, they actu­al­ly updat­ed?!). Cook­ies for any­one who can point out the per­son who is most like­ly say­ing “yyeah bitch­es” dur­ing that Black Fri­day stampede.)

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